Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: A dancer comes to Angoori’s house.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu goes to Anu and asks her what she is researching. Anu says she is researching men in their 60s. Vibhu says I can tell about David’s character. He is a womanizer, loves dancers. Anu says I feel shame sometimes from where I got married anyway, what next. Vibhu says call a dancer and make her dance for Chachaji, which can bring back his memory. Anu says good.

Vibhu meets Prem in a phone booth and asks him to arrange a dancer, who is sensitive, familiar and heals someone’s pain. Prem says you fought with Bhabhiji, but don’t worry, I will support you, but you are done with both bhabhis. Vibhu says yes, now get me one.

Anu is in kitchen and says who is eating non-veg early morning. Angoori greets her from the kitchen and asks why she looks worried. Anu doesn’t say much. Angoori tells Anu that Vibhu was talking very strangely about biryani yesterday which he couldn’t eat. Anu thinks that this Vibhu really keeps anything in his stomach. Angoori asks where is Chachaji, she has not seen him for days. Anu says she left. David starts shouting asking for Non-veg. Angoori looked at Anu confused. Anu leaves.

Teeka and Tillu get a call for a job in Dubai. Teeka and Tillu ask when they should come for an interview and ask the caller to thank their friend Mukesh. Teeka and Tillu become very happy. Prem asks when are you leaving. says Tillu in a week. Teeka says we served Mukesh and his mother a lot for 3 years and now they called us. Master says they speak Urdu and Arabic in Dubai, how will you do? Tillu asks who can teach us. Saxena passing by greets everyone. Prem asks where are you going dressed? Saxena says I joined Jagdish Academy as Urdu and Arabic teacher. Teeka tells Saxena about their job and asks him to help them. Saxena says sure and your fees will be 10 minutes each of you two, who hits me with a belt.

Vibhu takes David to the dining room table. David sees Anu and continues to talk to her in lucknowi. Anu is irritated by David and Lucknow’s stories.
Vibhu gets vegetable kofte. David asks for non-veg. Vibhu tries to tell her that they are vegetarian.

Angoori is on a call with Bhuri. Bhuri tells her that she sent her mango friend for Angoori named Pimple. The bell rings Angoori sees that they are a woman and a man. Angoori sees that the woman mistakes him for Bhuri’s friend, but she is a dancer sent after Vibhu. The dancer asks you how you are so crazy about dancers? Angoori says yes, I like dancers. Dancer says today I will show you live dance.

Anu asks Vibhu where is the dancer, your useless friend has not sent her yet. Vibhu calls Prem. Vibhu asks Prem where is the dancer. Prem says I just talked to her that the program has started.
Anu and the dancer start dancing. Anu hears the music and asks Vibhu to check.
Dancer praises Angoori and says you are dancing so well why did you call me, you can look in mirror and dance. Vibhu comes in and changes the music and asks Angoori what is going on. Angoori thinks about Tiwari’s advice and asks Vibhu why he is here so late. Vibhu asks who is she. Angoori says it is Pimple. Dancer says I’m Dimple. Vibhu says you are in wrong house. Angoori asks what is this. Vibhu says he is here to teach Anu dance. Vibhu and the dancer leave. Angoori says something is fishy.

Pre cap: David with Dimple and falls in love with her and goes to have kebabs with her. Anu asks Vibhu to have a fake affair with the dancer. Angoori sees Vibhu with Dimple and is shocked.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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