Title June 20, 2023 Written episode update

Title Written Episode of 20 June 2023 Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Garv saying you’re late. Titli says stuck in deadlock. He asks her to hurry and say. She says I have written everything, budget is around 15 lakhs, I am quoting 2 lakhs now. He says he takes 3 lakhs but the work should be good. She says don’t worry, no talking. The light flickers in the elevator. She falls over Garv. They check the elevator. He says you are late. She says I am trying to open the lift. They argue. She says no network. She uses the flashlight. She screams for help. He says I am here too. She says you shout, you would be an expert in this. He tenses up. She sees him panicking and comforts him with a pep talk. She says be positive, think you won the case, everything is good, positive, you feel better. Garv closes his eyes and imagines. The elevator opens. He was scolding the guard. Titli says the elevator is a machine, it’s not the guard’s fault. The guard asks him to come. He goes to call the technician. He asks Titli to go first. He helps her.

She climbs onto his shoulder and walks out. He passes the file. He shakes his hand. He says I will help myself, thanks. He comes out and wears his coat. She says thank God we were saved. He says I am late. Hiral asks if you were hurt. Garv says your sister was there too. She asks if you hired her. He says the decorations should be completed on time. She says don’t worry. He asks Titli to do his job well.

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