Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Saxena explains the meaning of David’s poem

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu shows David some old pictures. David starts shouting poems. Anu tells her to shut up and covers her mouth. Vibhu comes in and tells Anu that, Dimple says she fell in love with him and blames Anu. Anu gets confused and says, how can he say that. Dimple walks in and tells Anu that she wants Vibhu and can’t live without her. Anu gets angry and asks her that how much money does she want? Answers Dimple, 20k. Anu tells her that she will send the money to Prem’s bank account and orders her to never return to this street or she will break her bones. Vibhu goes to David and removes the tape from his mouth. David starts reciting Urdu poems again. Vibhu closes his mouth again.

Angoori gets a call from AmmaJi. She tells AmmaJi that Vibhu has fallen in love with another lady. AmmaJi says he is already married. Angoori says she is worried about Anu. AmmaJi asks her to help Anu in this, she tells Angoori to give indirect clues to Vibhu about the situation. Vibhu appears and Angoori hangs up the call. Vibhu greets Angoori. Angoori also greets him back. Angoori tells Vibhu that she saw a movie last night, where a husband cheats on his wife despite the fact that he already has a beautiful wife and asks Vibhu what he thinks about this story. Vibhu says its fine, he might be looking for the love his wife can’t give. Angoori thinks that Vibhu is willing to cheat. Angoori returns to her house.

Saxena teaches Urdu poems to Teeka and Tillu. Saxena asks Teeka to read the poem on the board to check her pronunciation. Teeka completely mixes all the words and Saxena asks Teeka to come with him. Teeka becomes ecstatic. Saxena puts Teeka’s hand into an electrical panel and gets electrocuted. Tillu gets scared after looking at Teeka. Saxena now asks Tillu to read the poems on the board. Tillu also mixes up all the words. Saxena electrocutes him too. Saxena tells Teeka and Tillu that Urdu is very beautiful and they can’t even read it. Tillu tells Saxena that they only wanted to learn Urdu. Saxena gets angry and tells them that she is teaching the same. Vibhu appears and asks Saxena what is his fees? Saxena tells him that she will charge 50 slaps. Vibhu tells her that she needs his help. Saxena agrees to come with him. Vibhu takes Saxena with him.

Saxena translates David’s poems. Saxena tells Anu and Vibhu that David is talking about his adventures in Bangkok. Anu is disgusted and leaves. Vibhu asks David why is he reciting these cheap poems? David starts reciting more poems again. Vibhu asks Saxena what she is saying. Saxena tells her that David didn’t do momo in Bangkok and some ladies helped her. Vibhu shouts at Saxena and says she doesn’t know Urdu and tells her to go.

Anu sleeps and dreams of non-veg food. Anu gets scared and gets up. Vibhu comes in and asks her what happened. Anu explains everything to Vibhu and blames David. Vibhu says they have to do something about it. Anu says she can’t even sleep.

Angoori explains to Tiwari the situation of Anu’s dance teacher and the dance teacher fell in love with Vibhu. Tiwari asks Angoori if she told Anu about this? Angoori says he did but he told her that he is very broad minded and doesn’t care. Tiwari thinks it is clear for him. Angoori tells Tiwari that she thinks Anu is cheating on Vibhu too.

PreCap: Vibhu is dressed as a Qawwali teacher. Vibhu and David start arguing with each other in Urdu. Anu follows them. Anu tells David that he is a famous poet. Vibhu pulls out a gun and David faints.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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