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The episode starts with Koel saying that Maina sat for the puja last time. Maina says that Koel also has rights over Monica. Titli thinks that Manikant has two wives. Garv holds Maina. Manikant and Koel do the puja. Koel motions for Titli to see. Pandit asks Manikant to fill his wife’s maang. Koel smiles. He fills Maine’s maang. Alpa says you were proud, no. Maina says no, I am ashamed. Alpa mocks her. Hiral says Garv has two mothers, it is news. Titli says it is their personal problem. I hear the ladies gossiping. Hiral asks if Manikant has two wives. Koel says now you know who I am, Mehta house is mine. She hears the maids talking and goes to scold them. She says she didn’t ask me before filling Maina’s maang, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love me, she loves me a lot, she doesn’t express it. She is crying. Manikant says Koel is doing this intentionally. Maina says she has a relationship with you. Koel says this relationship can never end, I didn’t hate myself knowing that I can’t give him a child, he could have married anyone, but he chose my sister, just for my sake, so he won’t get rid of him, Maina is my younger sister, she doesn’t consider me as her Sautan, she loves Maina a lot, she always puts me first. Manikant gets angry. Maina defends Koel. He says that he will not come to Monica’s marriage. Koel says Garv, Monica and Drishti are my children, I am their mother, they love me more than Maina, they respect me a lot. He says he will not come in this marriage, I will not repeat it now. Manikant asks Garv did you eat prasad. Garv says Badimaa will feed me. Garv asks if you’re okay. Koel says yes.

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