Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd June 2023 Episode Written Update: Lakshmi refuses to believe Rishi, Ayush and others

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishi thinking that Lakshmi has passed out before she can tell me her feelings. He thinks what to do? He thinks he will see Vikrant first and thinks no one believes him, not even Lakshmi. He thinks to expose Vikrant and break Lakshmi’s alliance with him. Dadi blames herself for sending her there. Lakshmi asks why are you saying this? Dadi asks him to punish her. Neelam asks why are you feeling bad, it was her (Lakshmi’s) destiny. Dadi says I became a medium to send her there and asks Lakshmi to punish her. Lakshmi says I came back safe because of your blessings. Dadi promises to punish her. Lakshmi says you will be punished for making this promise and asks her to bless her always. Tadi gets emotional and hugs her. Virender smiles. Neelam looked.

Dadi stops Rishi. Rishi asks will you beat me. Dadi says you saved me from a sin and thanks her for saving Lakshmi. Rishi says everything becomes good with your blessings. He says you all are doing a mistake and says Vikrant is having an affair and accepted it in front of me. Neelam asks why didn’t you bring him in front of us. Rishi recalls seeing Lakshmi going to the outhouses and walking behind her. Neelam says you have no answer. She says she doesn’t want to say anything and says Lakshmi will marry Vikrant and then Rishi will marry Malishka. She says he is a serious gentleman and asked us not to tell you anything. She asks him to let this marriage happen and says Lakshmi will be very happy. Rishi says Vikrant is a liar and I will not let him marry Lakshmi. Virender refuses to believe him and leaves. Dadi tells Rishi that she wants to trust him but she has nothing in her hands. She asks Lakshmi to go and rest. Lakshmi remembers Rishi’s words and leaves.

Shalu and Bani are relieved that Lakshmi was saved from the big accident. Ayush says he can’t be peaceful and says he has to stop the marriage somehow. Bani says Rishi will stop the marriage and we just have to help him. Ayush says he has grown up. Bani says we have brahmastra (jiju) with us. Rishi tells dad that he liked Vikrant and told him that he will make Lakshmi happy. He says there is a big reason why I am refusing this marriage and says Vikrant loves that girl and was with her in the guest room. He says even Ayush, Shalu and Bani know about it but I didn’t believe them. Dadi says I can clearly see the truth but you didn’t believe Ayush when he told you. She says now everyone will believe when they see it. She says what matters is Lakshmi’s happiness and everyone blames Lakshmi and you. He asks what to do? Dadi says Lakshmi’s life is more important than her happiness and even she knows you are telling the truth.

Vikrant, Saloni, Anjana and her husband come home. Saloni gives water to Anjana. Anjana says the engagement happened and thank god Neelam didn’t believe Rishi. She says Saloni is right and says Rishi is too worried about Lakshmi. Her husband says Lakshmi didn’t believe Rishi but believed Vikrant. Vikrant’s father asks why he went to that room. Vikrant says he went to use bathroom. He says he has to leave for work and goes to his room to freshen up.

Ayush, Shalu and Bani try to convince Lakshmi that Vikrant is a bad guy. Lakshmi says she doesn’t believe them or Rishi and says she knows they want to break her alliance. Ayush asks Lakshmi to say that she will not do this marriage. Lakshmi says enough to Ayush and says even if you are conspiring then I will also leave from here as I want to leave from here. She speaks bluntly to them and opens the door. They go out. Lakshmi feels bad for talking bad to them and says what you want, it can’t happen and I have to do this marriage. She says I am happy to have such brothers and sisters, who can do anything for me.

Virender comes to his room. Neelam tells him that she wants to slap Rishi for whatever he did today. Virender says I agree with you. Neelam asks him to accept that all this is done by Lakshmi. Virender says Lakshmi did nothing. Neelam says you were blinded by Lakshmi. Virender says your son did wrong. Rishi is driving his car. Vikrant also drives his car and remembers that Rishi has stopped his engagement. Rishi remembers Vikrant’s words.

Precap: Vikrant tells Rishi that once he marries Lakshmi, he will make her condition worse and he will never take her name again. Rishi says I will either give my life or take yours but I will never let her marry you. Vikrant says if I marry her then? Rishi says then I will do as you say. Vikrant says challenge. Rishi says yes. Neelam tells Lakshmi that she has to do this marriage. Ayush tells Shalu that they need energy to win this fight. Rishi tells Lakshmi that Vikrant is not a suitable person. Lakshmi says you were also wrong, you used to love Malishka and married me for your benefit. She asks if you were right?

Update credit to: H Hasan

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