Dan Stevens Replaces Justin Roiland as Voice of Korvo (VIDEO)

Korvo sounds a little different at first glance Solar oppositesThe fourth season that Hulu revealed, timed according to Dan Stevens’ casting announcement.

The actor known for his roles in shows like Legion and Downton Abbey brings some Englishness to the alien character previously voiced by voice star Justin Roiland, since removed. To help welcome Stevens into the fold, there had to be an explanation for the drastic change in voice, and luckily the animators have fans covered.

In a tease for the fourth season arriving Monday, August 14, with all eleven episodes on Hulu, Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) and Jesse (Mary Mack) talk about a set of arrows on which Terry begins to install in their home. When they throw one and it accidentally lands directly on Korvo’s throat, they have to use a voice fixation beam that alters the character’s voice.

Dan Stevens

(Credit: Sam Jones)

Previously voiced by Roiland, who co-created the show with Mike McMahan, Stevens now takes on the role of grumpy alien Korvo, who always wears ceremonial robes and professes to hate Earth. Desperate to repair his spaceship, Korvo wants nothing more than to escape to a new planet.

Along with the eleven-episode season that awaits fans this summer, there will also be a Valentine’s Day special in 2024. The show’s fourth season was originally ordered in June 2021 and the fifth greenlit in October 2022, so expect to hear a lot more from Stevens as Solar opposites keep going.

Executive produced by Mike McMahan and Josh Bycel, season 4 will see the group packing up the sci-fi and going back to normal for a short while. Then it’s back to the classics Solar mayhem, mayhem in the Wall and some all-new Silvercops adventures. Don’t miss, catch Solar opposites when the series returns to television this summer and stream seasons 1 through 3 anytime on Hulu.

Solar oppositesSeason 4 premieres Monday, August 14, Hulu

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