‘Jeopardy’ fans react to contestant ‘Crypto Bro”s poor performance.

‘jeopardy’ fans react to contestant ‘crypto bro”s poor performance.

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the June 20 episode of Danger!)

In the June 20 episode of Danger!, two-day champion Ben Goldstein had to secure his $15,198 winnings against scrum master Janie Sullivan and cryptocurrency and angel investor Tym Blanchard. However, several wrong answers and a bunch of stumpers made it a tough watch for fans, especially when it came to Tym’s performance.

During the first Daily Double, host Mayim Bialik read for $800 in the Architects category: “In the 1690s, he began designing the double-domed Royal Hospital for Sailors in London.” Janie answered incorrectly, subtracting $1,500 from her total of $4,400 against Ben’s $6,200.

Up to this point, there have been more than a few stumps and misses from the contestants, including one where no one guessed Jackie Robinson when asked which Brooklyn Dodger’s name was on a foundation to help minority children walk at college. It was also becoming apparent that Tym was answering questions before the host could call on him.

Going into Double Jeopardy, Ben had $5,600, Janie was in second place with $3,500 and Tym was down $1,000. The second Daily Double was secured this round, with Tym collecting what he won to get out of the red, only to drop back to negative $5,000 if he answered incorrectly.

The third and final daily double was also met with an incorrect answer by Janie once again, who lost $2,000 of her $9,500 total. Although two misses were from Janie, she was able to hold first place in Final Jeopardy with $7,500 against Ben for $6,800 and Tym with negative $3,800, unable to join the final round.

In Final Jeopardy, in the Olympics category, the clue read: “This sport that made its Olympic debut in 1988 has a playing surface of only about 45 square meters.” Only Ben was able to get it right and he only won by betting $705 and winning $6,095 for a three-day total of $21,293. Tym’s podium was completely empty for the entire round.

People on Twitter were confused by Tym’s poor performance and labeled him a crypto bro. “Of course this Crypto Bro’s name is spelled ‘Tym,'” one user said.

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