Dheere Dheere 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhanu claims to support Dimple

Dheere Dheere Se 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aanchal telling Bhawna that she did her pregnancy and was with Vidya but she is not at home. Bhawna says she will see. Malini says she must have gone to a beauty parlour. She asks Bhawna if she forgot that today is Dimple’s pagphera rasam and asks her if she forgot after consummating the marriage. She says her brother is coming and asks her to make arrangements for his snacks. Raghav comes there golding the shagun tray. He keeps the fan on the pedestal there. Bhawna smiles looking at him. Raghav wears eyes and says it hurts him to see the shine of her ring and asks where did you get it from. Bhawna says she found him in the neighborhood. Raghav says you spoiled my fun. Bhanu smiles seeing them together. Jagjeevan asks Raghav when did he come? says Raghav just now. Bhanu, Malini and Abhishek come there. Raghav gives the tray to shagun and says Maa has sent this for all of you. Malini takes it and gives it to Abhi. Abhi keeps it. Bhanu says a Brahmin only needs bhiksha and says there was no need. Raghav says they can’t come empty handed for the first time. Dimple comes there and meets Raghav. Raghav is happy to see her. Abhi asks when I am coming to get her.

Raghav asks her to come with them and says the groom is free with the bride. Malini does aarti and tilak to Dimple. Raghav takes Dimple with him. Bhawna’s eyes are full of tears. Aanchal asks what are you thinking? Bhawna says when girls go to their mayka then they are happy, when mom used to wait for them, brother comes to get them. Aanchal says mom didn’t come to take you after dad’s death. Bhawna asks him to go to school. He worries about Vidya. Amit comes home. Bhawna asks about Vidya. Amit says he left her with mayka as her mother is not well. Bhawna says she will call her and asks if she is fine. Amit asks her not to interfere and asks her to make him tea. Later, Bhawna thinks that Vidya didn’t come till now. He calls Vidya but her mother picked up the call and tells her that they are in the hospital. She is about to tell him but her husband stops her and asks her not to tell anything to Bhawna. Vidya’s mother lies and ends the call.

Jagjeevan falls. Bhawna helps him up. He says he has to get his report from the hospital. Bhawna says she will get it. Dimple is about to leave the house with Abhi. Malini stops her and asks where is she going? Dimple says it will be established. Malini asks if she will go to the institute, then where will they do the post marriage rituals… in the institute? She begs her not to go. Bhanu comes and says my bahurania will go wherever she wants. He then tells her that rituals are important and asks her not to go today. Dimple happily agrees. Bhanu tells Malini that he will make Dimple dance to his tune like a monkey and make her work for them.

Amit hears Babu ji talking to Bhawna and asking her to take the medicine. Bhawna says she will bring. Amit then calls his father-in-law and asks him to keep Bhawna away from Vidya. Just then Vidya’s father sees Bhawna and leaves from there. Bhawna bumps into a nurse and she files with Vidya’s name on the file. She asks where he is and shows his ID card. The nurse is about to show the file when Amit comes and takes the file. Vidya’s father comes to the ward and asks his wife to make Vidya sit in the wheelchair. Amit tries to stop Bhawna and makes an excuse that Vidya wrote her name instead of her mother’s name. Bhawna says she will meet Vidya. Amit says Sasumaa’s ward is on that side. Bhawna enters the ward and calls Kaki. Amit locks it.

Precap: Bhawna is shocked to see bruises and injuries on Vidya’s face and body and is shocked. She gets angry and beats Amit in their driveway.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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