Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev decides to teach Vidhi to drive the car

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi sending an apology to Dev. Jai thinks about Vidhi and looks at their mobile photo. He says Raichands have trapped you and you don’t know freedom but I will free you and give a fly to your wings. She says I will save you from Raichands. Bimla tells Hariprasad that they will end their business with Jai. Hariprasad asks what to tell him? Bimla says we will tell her the truth that we are starting a new business. Vidhi thinks about Dev’s words and comes to Hariprasad and Bimla’s house. She asks who will have the samosa. She then tells them that Jai launched the menstrual kit in her name and tells them that Jai took her that day for that. Hariprasad and Bimla say God will prosper her. Vidhi asks if they are upset. Jai tells Vidhi that they will try again, he will wait for her at 5:30 am. Vidhi reads the message. Bimla tells Vidhi that she didn’t understand the meaning of marriage and tells her that a girl doesn’t just become a wife but bahu, bhabhi etc. She says relationships want love and time. Vidhi asks did I do any mistake? Bimla says very soon you will be wrong. She asks him not to lose his family because of her work and asks him to balance work and home and asks him to set boundaries. She says I saw how everyone was upset after you left. She says you won’t take advantage of Dev ji’s innocence and kindness and says she is sure he didn’t tell you anything. She says that day too, he was on your side and made everyone understand. Vidhi says she will give time to Dev and her family and make balance and says I will not let your values ​​go wrong. Bimla says I know you will never upset me. Chitra thinks about Vikram’s words and shouts. Dev comes to her and asks why she is crying. Chitra says I never thought that the relationship I loved so much will do this. Vikram asks Yogesh to make him meet Chitra. Chitra says she couldn’t enjoy her pregnancy and doesn’t let her live in peace. Dev tries to calm her down.

Yogesh says the matter is not in our favor and the Raichands kept their eyes on fire. He says he can’t bring Chitra as of now. Dev tells Chitra that he will divorce. Chitra says I am ready for divorce. Yogesh asks Vikram to meet Chitra when she comes out but he will be calm and loving with her. Vikram says I will do anything to get her back. Vidhi calls everyone for dinner. Everyone comes to the kitchen. Vidhi says she made tasty food for them. Dev acts angry with her. Then he thinks about acting out to be angry. Vidhi looked at him. In the room, Vidhi comes and apologizes to Dev. Dev stood up and kissed her hands. She thanks and hugs him. Dev asks her to get ready quickly. She asks where to go? Dev says I will teach you to drive and says I don’t want anyone to insult you, saying Dev Raichand’s wife doesn’t know how to drive and says it’s my fault I couldn’t understand. Vidhi says I could not give you time and I will leave this job. She says Jai is so demanding. Dev says I am not asking you to leave your job and says we are equals and as equals I can only advise you and my advice is to maintain balance between work and home. Vidhi says you are angry even now.

Dev says I am angry that you are making everyone stand on your head and says you have to set boundaries. Vidhi says I will be careful. Dev says I should have taught you to drive. Vidhi says even I didn’t think I will drive, but when I drove a bit, that feeling I couldn’t say, it’s like someone gave me wings and I held the steering for the first time. She says she can’t drive after that accident. Dev acts. Vidhi asks if Dev is fine. Dev says you called me Dev today and says you can drive too. Jai prepares Vidhi and his name and serves coffee in them. He texts her to meet him at 5:30 in the morning. Dev and Vidhi go to the car. Jai hears the song tu hai meri kiran. Dev makes Vidhi sit on the driver’s seat and fasten her seat belt.

Precap: Dev and Vidhi return home. I see Jai at home. Jai asks Vidhi, what happened? He says you didn’t answer my calls and messages.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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