Doosri Maa 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Krishna motivates Yashoda

Doosri Maa 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Babu ji telling Yashoda that he didn’t have a son, so how will he bless others to have a son. Start diyas with newspaper and say this is the happiness of my house and I will see it. He asks her to deal with the darkness of her house. Mahua says he is right. Arvind gets angry. Babu ji asks him to give money else he will also cut water supply. Yashoda asks her to cut everything but does not stop her from blessing Mahua with a son. She says if I don’t have a son it doesn’t mean she can’t pray for them. She says one day you will understand that whatever I do is for your son, so that when he comes back, he won’t wonder why I did wrong with Krishna. She says she always prayed for the happiness of the house. She says babu ji.. please and keeps crying. Arvind begs her to listen. Yashoda leaves from here. Arvind says Bhabhi did a lot of money so that we can have a child and says we won’t upset her in happy times. Mahua asks her to obey babu ji without any arguments and asks her not to stress the pregnant woman. Babu ji says she is right and asks her to take care of her. He asks Amma to go and bring 9 diya to Mahua quickly. He says if you stay silent or sad then I will change my decision. Mahua asks are you not happy Amma. Amma says they are very happy.

Yashoda looks at Ashok’s photo. Aastha and Nupur feel bad. Aastha asks her not to feel bad. Nupur says even mother gets angry but she doesn’t vent her anger on anyone. Yashoda asks them not to feel bad and tells them that Dada ji has his own reasons. She says fine and asks them to go to their room and says she will come in sometime. He closes the door and tells Ashok’s photo that he is not well. She says as my struggle continues for Krishna’s acceptance, I am losing my patience level. Krishna comes out of the study room and hears her. Yashoda says you would have given me two flowers to motivate me. Amma gives diyas thaali to Mahua. Mahua is about to leave there. Krishna comes there and tells Amma that yashoda is crying badly. Amma says babu ji will make her shut up as he is the reason she is crying. Babu ji says I will not silence her, as he was protecting his grandson’s son from her, who could not have any son. He says people keep such a woman away from pregnant women. He goes. Amma tells Krishna that Yashoda needs Ashok and says that one day he will come and everyone will have happiness on their faces. She says if you don’t want her to come, I won’t pray. Krishna says he is not selfish and knows how important he (Ashok) is to everyone. Kamini and bansal are upset that Mahua is pregnant and their money is wasted. Kamini says the baby is not born yet.

Krishna spins the fan so that his sisters sleep well like a princess. Yashoda offers to turn him so that he can sleep. Krishna asks her to sleep and says that he will make his sisters sleep like a princess as he promised. Nupur wakes up in the morning and hugs Yashoda. She asks if you were up all night. Aastha says they might be awake all night and they turned the fan so that we sleep well. Yashoda says Krishna did it. Amma says Krishna said my sisters will remain princesses. She asks them to get ready. Yashoda goes to see Krishna. Krishna comes and says I am here. He shows him two flowers and tells him that life gives the thorn and with flowers, if we don’t feel its pain then we will enjoy life. Yashoda gets emotional and hugs him.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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