Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratiksha gets arrested

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector arrests Pratiksha. She says what have I done? He says we have a complaint from Kaviya that you came here to steal. She says you believed her? He says we have proof. You came here as an income tax officer. What is fraud? Kaviya says she stole my necklace. Pratiksha says you can look for me. Police lady checks Pratiksha. Kinjal says we didn’t steal anything. Kaviya says first he stole my husband and now my things. The agent says he has nothing. Kaviya asks inspector to check Pratiksha’s room. She says Biji is showing Pratiksha’s room to inspector. You helped them because you know she was not Pratiksha. Biji says I am sure there is no theft. Mandip says I will identify the necklace. Pratiksha says you are wasting everyone’s time. Kaviya says we will see. He remembers planning mom and Mandip. They put the necklace in Pratiksha’s room. Pratiksha says I am sure you planted it. Inspector says we found the necklace. Kaviya says this is my necklace. The inspector says you are under arrest. Biji says she can’t do that. Inspector says we have evidence against her. They arrest Pratiksha. Pratiksha says I need 5 minutes. Kaivya says now she will call my husband to help. He is very merciful. Pratiksha says I just need to change, I don’t need anyone’s sympathy.

Ravi leaves for airpot. Adi says everything will be fine. Ravi says take care of everything here. Adi says I know you are very stressed. I hope Pratiksha realizes that you love her. Kaviya tells Pratiksha to stop showing me this attitude. Now stop messing with me. You thought you could come in here and steal the papers? I won’t let you succeed. You fell into this trap yourself. Thank you. Why are you silent now? You’re scared, aren’t you? Your plan failed. You came here to spoil my sin pravesh. You will sin parvesh in jail. Now you will sleep in prison. Goodbye. Pratiksha says no, I will not go so fast. Your marriage to Ravi is illegal. You think it’s valid, but in law, your marriage is fake. You live in the land of your dreams. You can’t kick me out of this house. Pratiksha says our war has just started. Kaviya says your game is over. Pratiksha says open your eyes. Kavuya says I will make sure you never come back here. Pratiksha says you tried everything but failed every time. Get out of your dreamland. This is my bed, my room, this mangalsutra is mine. Ravi is mine. I am his wife. Kaviya says I will be so happy to see you arrested. Pratiksha says you are so boring. I hope you come to your senses soon.

Scene 2
Dadi asks Amar to stop all this. She says you always said Pratiksha is right. he says Pratiksha was right that time but Pratiksha is wrong here. Don’t expect any help from me. Ravi thinks about Pratiksha. Pratiksha comes down. She remembers Ravi saying that he is always there for her. Pratiksha asks Kinjal to go home. Kinjal says you let your DIL get arrested? Kinjal says I will call Ravi. Pratiksha says I don’t need Ravi’s help. I will fight my own battle. You will not call him. She says how will I take you? She says call Chachu. Kinjal says its so wrong. Pratiksha says people are blinded by truth but I will fight for truth. I will find my way out. Kaviya waves him. The police take Pratiksha away. Kinjal says who does this at their DIL. She says daddy please help my sister out of jail. Kaivya says he is a thief. She tried to steal the divorce papers. She is a criminal. Mandip says to leave this house. Kinjal says I am suffocating here. She leave.

Scene 3
Pratiksha is closed. She says sir please listen. Kaviya is lying. I didn’t steal or anything. Kinjal calls Adi. She asks why is Ravi’s phone switched off? He says how should I know? He asks why are you so worried? Kinjal tells him everything. She tells him that Pratiksha is under arrest. She says only Ravi can take her out. Adi calls the driver. He says I dropped Ravi at the airport. ADi says she is going to London. I will contact him and let you know. She thanks him. Pratiksha remembers everything that happened to her. Pratiksha says I will fight my battle. I will show that I did nothing wrong. I will not forgive anyone who played these dirty games. She says I will be against wrong. All must pay for their sins. Adi texts Ravi. Ravi asks what happened? ADi says I am trying to call you since long. Ravi says I am coming. Nothing is more important than Pratiksha.

The episode ends

Credit update to: Atiba

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