Doosri Maa 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Yashoda hugging Krishna and asking what to do with you. Krishna says make Shikanji (lemon drink) for me. Yashoda tells how you get strength to fulfill your responsibilities. Krishna says I don’t know, maybe I have strength seeing you, you are a mother, you will have strength and seeing your strength, your children will have strength. He says it is my duty to give you flowers to increase your power. He gives her a flower to motivate her. Nupur comes there and holds his hand. She says Krishna Bhaiyya’s hands must be sore as she has been turning the fan all night for them. Krishna says its fine. Yashoda asks her to let her massage your hands, even she has feelings like you. Krishna says ok and says he will love the new brother when he is born. Nupur assures her. Yashoda looks at them.

Kamini and Bansal come to Vaid and tell him that her Bhabhi got pregnant and ask what medicine he gave her. The Vaid says maybe she was already pregnant or the amount of medicine was not enough. He says he will give medicine to abort the baby. Bansal asks him to make the medicine quickly. Yashoda and Krishna leave home. Babu ji asks Yashoda to give him money else he will cut water supply. Yashoda asks him to give her sometime. Mahua descends. Babu ji asks if she is going to school. Mahua says she has to earn money for the child. Babu ji says he will drop her in school, pray in the temple for him and feed the poor with food. Krishna stops him and says if madam ji can’t give you money, I will sleep outside and be hungry, but don’t cut off our water and electricity. Mahua speaks bluntly to him and asks him to give money if it is of any value. Yashoda asks her to focus only on studies. Babu ji says you can’t earn any money and asks him to sit outside the temple holding the bowl and says I might give you money. Babu ji and Mahua leave. Aastha and Nupur come there. Yashoda asks Krishna not to do such a thing. Krishna assured him.

He hears a guy saying that 50 workers are needed. He thinks that studies are important, but now he has to earn money. He asks the guy where the job is and goes there. Yashoda comes there and hears the guy saying that more workers are needed. She asks where the work is and comes there. Krishna asks the guy to give him work. The guy says you’re too small for this job. Krishna insisted. The guy asks him to take off his uniform and start working. Krishna takes off his shirt and starts work. He turns to see Yashoda standing in front of him. Yashoda scolds him for coming to work rather than going to school. Krishna says if I don’t work now then water and electricity will be cut. She asks him to go to school. He says he can’t let doosri maa work as a labourer. The employer asks them to either work or leave. Yashoda asks Krishna to trust her and leaves. Krishna says I can’t see you suffering. Yashoda says even I can’t see you suffering. Krishna says we will bear half pain each. He says if it wasn’t necessary then I wouldn’t have insisted and asks him to let him work. They start working as construction workers.

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