Watch ‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Dislocates Shoulder As He Celebrates Win (VIDEO)

watch ‘the price is right’ contestant dislocates shoulder as he celebrates win (video)

A competitor on The price is right he won a trip to Hawaii and ER after celebrating too much after his win.

Henry was so excited to celebrate advancing to the next round that he dislocated his shoulder while pumping his fists in the air in victory too loud. The price is right The Instagram account posted the occasion, showing Henry celebrating after solving the final puzzle.

The clip immediately jumps to his turn to spin the wheel, but host Drew Carey used a moment before to explain why another person was sitting next to him. “Henry was celebrating and going ‘Woo,’ and he dislocated his shoulder,” Carey said. “So he won’t be able to spin the wheel, but Alice will spin the wheel for him.” Henry’s wife then took over, securing a 95 for her husband and sending him to the Showcase Showdown, now jumping for joy alongside his wife and pumping his fists in the air with his good arm.”

Be careful, Carey joked to Alice.

Henry and his wife were able to win the Showdown, securing their trip to Hawaii. After joking about his victory, the caption on the Instagram post ended with “Henry is feeling better and all is healed now.” Although it doesn’t happen often, Henry isn’t the first contestant to get injured on the show. A contestant named Judy twisted her ankle spinning the wheel in 2014, continuing the Showcase Showdown on crutches.

The price is right It premiered on ABC in 1972, originally hosted by Bob Barker, America’s longest-running host, until his retirement in 2007, when Carey took over. The show has aired more than 9,000 episodes over its 51 seasons so far, and although he is no longer a host, Barker, now 100 years old, has made several guest appearances on the game show, the more recently in 2015, on April Fool’s Day.

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