Doosri Maa June 14, 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 14th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nupur and Aastha sitting in the bathroom. Yashoda comes there and asks them to hurry. She says that today she has to go to look for a job and that she is going to a school. Aastha says I wish you don’t get any job, like if you get a job then you will stay away from dada ji and take care of us, but I want to stay with Dada ji without Krishna and that’s why I don’t want to you do the job Yashoda asks did your mom do the work when dad was here. She says I am looking for a job else the truth will lose. She says I have less money and we have to survive till your father comes back. She asks them not to take tension. Nupur says you will get the job. Aastha is about to leave. Yashoda says you are my daughter, we will talk to each other. She asks him to understand that they can be angry with each other but they have no right to leave them. She says I will iron your clothes and make your breakfast. She says I will check what to do? Then he asks them to brush their teeth. Krishna thinks about how much water to add to knead the flour and thinks about adding less water. Yashoda sees Krishna kneading flour to help her. Nupur asks what is he doing? Yashoda says she is doing this so that I can make you breakfast quickly. Nupur is smiling. Yashoda asks Krishna to get up, go check the surprise. Krishna asks what is the surprise, I will go after flour kneading. Yashoda says if more water is added then the flour will be wasted and we can’t afford that. Krishna leaves. Nupur asks Yashoda if dad left because of Krishna. Yashoda says yes then says your father is responsible but then stops and says if Krishna was responsible then she would be the first person to hate him. Krishna sees his school uniform in Yashoda’s room and gets happy. He then shows the frame to Mala and tells her that she will study hard and become something. Amma comes there and applies vabhoot on her forehead. Krishna sits down and touches his feet. She blesses him. Krishna says everyone is holding me responsible for whatever bad happens with respect to this house and asks them to bless him so that he can fulfill his mom and doosri maa’s dream. Nupur hears them.

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