Katha Ankahee 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha and Viaan go to a conference together.

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Katha comes to office, greets Viaan and Jeetu. Viaan wants to show him something, he gives him coffee with the hope that it will make the morning better. Katha likes it, Ehsan interrupts him asking for his coffee. Jeetu finds the office environment positive beyond imagination, wishes for him remain the same. Katha informs her that she has registered for a conference. Viaan apologized for not knowing, he and Ehsan are also attending the conference. Jeetu will also have EarthCon sponsoring his trip. Ehsan is waiting for the trip, three of them will have fun and hang out there. Viaan and Katha head to the office to check the designs presented by the intern. Ehsan notices them.

Katha remarks that the design is terribly boring, Viaan agrees. Both want the design of the senior section to be fun and entertaining, with a TV and party speakers. Viaan likes the idea, trainees need to realize that fun has no age limit. They both come up with a plan for the elderly. Viaan has an entire thought conceived in his head, Katha can see Neerja’s reflection in her ideas. Ehsan interrupts to tell them that Architecture and its relationship to love is the topic of tomorrow’s conference. Katha is impressed, thinks they should discuss the Taj Mahal. Ehsan leaves work for Viaan, he can’t do Taj Mahal for any woman. Viaan remembers a poem, Ehsan mocks him for it. He asks Katha to prepare some pointers for the discussion.

Katha is in her office; she gets a call from Yuvraj proposing to have dinner with him and Reet. Katha wouldn’t have missed it, but tomorrow she has a business trip to Allahabad. Yuvraj will wait to return. Reet asks Yuvraj for dinner, he wanted to hang out with Katha apart from the kids. Katha couldn’t make it today. Reet asks Yuvraj to tell Katha that she as a housewife is free everyday. Reet is still upset.

Viaan calls Katha, she calls asking the time. Viaan sorry, she clarifies it was for Aarav. She sends her son to finish his homework, he was busy doing handsprings on the bed after dinner. Viaan wants to tell Katha that he will meet Batman before he leaves, then he will choose Ehsan and Katha.

The next morning, Robin tells Batman that he will be gone for two days. Batman thinks that Robin and his mother are friends, she goes on the same dates as Robin. Batman’s mother is a woman who works as Robin. Robin gives Batman the books from his childhood to enjoy the days in his absence. Batman asks if he makes them childhood friends, he plans to be friends with Robin forever. Batman has a gift for Robin, an animal brooch. They hugged. Viaan remembers loving dogs.

Yuvraj tells his parents that Reet is upset because he is not getting enough attention, Katha disturbs Reet. Mr. Garewal wonders, Reet is a grown woman and rightly Katha is the elder daughter-in-law who didn’t get her position. Time for them to give Katha her place, make her feel comfortable here. Yuvraj tries his best to make Aarav and Katha feel comfortable and safe in this house. Yuvraj asks his parents to give Reet enough time and attention. Kavita says Reet is as important to them as Katha, they will deal here.

Aarav checks the packing list with Katha, he compliments her on looking stunningly beautiful. He marks her neck with a black permanent marker to keep evil spirits away, just like Neerja does. Katha gives Aarav one in return; she makes him promise to go about his business behind her back. Aarav thinks Katha will enjoy this conference a lot.

Viaan is waiting outside, he calls Ehsan asking where he is. Ehsan is not feeling well after last night’s party, he doesn’t feel like attending the conference. Katha also asks about Ehsan, she talks to him, the voice feels that it is not good. Ehsan asks them to do the journey without him.

Amrita and Ehsan applaud him. She asks why he lied to Viaan. Ehsan wants to be humble; he will lie a hundred times for his friend. He generally wishes Katha and Viaan to be together, they have become more comfortable after the office quarantine. Ehsan has to push them together, him being on this journey would be like the third wheel, so he backed off.

PRECAP: The hotel arranged an interconnecting room for Katha and Viaan as they belong to the same panel. Mr. Garewal asks Katha about her bosses; she says that only Viaan was able to make the trip. Viaan and Katha enjoy their trip. Anirudh sees them.

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