Doosri Maa June 16, 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna saying that he doesn’t care about anyone and will go talk to Bade Malik. Yashoda asks do you not care about me. Aastha and Nupur come there. Aastha says Dada ji switched off the lights. Yashoda says no. Aastha says they will agree with Dada Ji’s words. Yashoda says they will consider and says they will fight the darkness. Arvind gets mad at Mahua for cutting the wire. Mahua says she is the only bahu in the house and she has done what she has to think about the house. Arvind says Bhabhi is elder bahu and says I will go to connect the wires. Mahua feels sick and runs to the bathroom. Arvind knocks on the door. Yashoda tells the children that they should not be afraid of problems and says that when there is a problem, there is a solution. She tells Aastha that she knows she doesn’t like Krishna but still wants his support in this fight. She says life is not always sweets and sometimes she throws us sour lemon then we will make shikanji from that lemon and drink then we can move on in life. Amma reminds Babu ji that she wanted a nephew right after Ashok’s marriage. Babu ji says he is not my nephew. Amma says if God gets angry with you and doesn’t give you grandson then? Babu ji says whether I have my nephew or not, but Krishna will not become my nephew. Mahua comes out and tells Arvind that she is pregnant. She says she tested three times and the result is positive. Arvind gets happy and hugs her. Mahua says that even she is very happy. She says that he will support her and if she connects the wires then she will decide whether the child will come to this world or not. Arvind gets sad and promises her. Mahua says I will tell the good news to everyone including Bhabhi.

Krishna lights the diyas and tells Yashoda that they will celebrate Diwali as Bade Malik has done Amavas in the house. Aastha asks if they are upset to celebrate Diwali. She tells Krishna that except for Yashoda, no one considers him father’s son. Yashoda says one day everyone will accept him. They keep the diyas in the room. Aastha looks at them and leaves.

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