Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Episode Update 16th June 2023

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Manohar asking Happu to relax and tells him that they will have tea. Happu says what can happen now. Manohar sys God help all. Then I see a thief running. Manohar catches her and she turns out to be Amma. She stole the glass gourd. The seller asks Happu to arrest and hang her. Happu slaps him and returns the bottle gourd. Amma says she was making arrangements for the evening meal. Happu feels bad. Manohar cries and says what is God showing me? He says he hates Happu for this. Amma says I will steal elsewhere. Happu breaks down. They cry.

Happu shares his regrets with Beni. Beni says whatever you did has a purpose. Happu says if he will apologize to them. Beni says if they will forgive you. He says he has to plan well. Vimlesh comes running there and says Rajjo ran away with the washerman. Happu is shocked and says he will shoot that guy and asks Beni to fight him. Beni says he understood. He asks her to order the saree and not to use her mind elsewhere. Happu comes to Chedi lal’s house and asks his wife about him. Chedi’s wife tells that his wife came and took her husband. She argues and asks him to take care of his wife. She asks him to earn money and tells him that if the rat falls into the house, then it will die. She blames him for his family becoming thieves and asks him to leave. Happu leaves from there crying.

Amma and kids start playing seeing Happu at home. Happu sits next to Amma and says Rajjo. Amma says its good she went and says she doesn’t like it. Hritik says we liked her. The children tell Happu that he has matured before his time and now they will win and give him money. Chamchi says if we are caught then he will free us. Happu asks them not to do this. Hritik says if we don’t want you to get heart attack. Happu says he will have a big heart attack. Rajjo comes there with Vimlesh. She says she went with a washerman but came back thinking Happu will have a heart attack. Happu says he didn’t do the heart attack and says he did it to bring them on the right track. Rajjo says we were also playing. Amma tells everyone that they will understand that Happu does not have much money. Happu apologizes to them. Everyone forgives him. Amma jokes.

Kamlesh comes to Kat and Malaika and gives them sweets that he made with salt. Malaika tastes it but doesn’t say it. Kamlesh tells them that his uncle had no money and ran away. Malaika beats him. Kamlesh says I will fight. He slaps himself.

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