Dr. Pimple Popper Treats Woman With Rash That ‘Smells Like Hot Garbage’

A teaser for the latest episode of TLC Dr. Pimple Popper introduces the audience to Alyse, a woman with a nasty rash that she says “smells like hot garbage.”

“If I get a bad infection, it smells like hot garbage. It’s wet, and like, there are jokes. The smell sometimes makes me a monk; it’s embarrassing,” Alyse says in the clip, posted on the show’s official Instagram page.

“It makes you feel almost, like, inhuman,” she continues as we’re shown images of her legs, which are covered in a red, painful-looking rash.

Alyse now seeks help from cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, who has dealt with a whole host of different skin issues this season. In previous episodes, she helped a woman with maggots in her toes, a grandfather with a “plum-sized nose”, a man with 400 tumors all over his body and a woman who had a piece of lead stuck in her hand for 45 years. years.

dr. pimple popper treats woman with rash that ‘smells like hot garbage’ dr. pimple popper treats woman with rash that ‘smells like hot garbage’

Viewers shared their sympathy for Alyse, taking to Instagram to share their comments.

“This poor woman, I hope she finds a diagnosis in a solution so she can get back to living her life,” one person wrote, while another added: “I hope they figure it out for you and to take care of it. you can live comfortably.”

“I hope they will be able to help her and find some relief! He has his whole life ahead of him and he should be able to enjoy it!” another fan said.

Some also voiced their opinions on what the infection could be, with a few saying it resembles the long-term painful skin condition Hidradenitis suppurativa, which causes abscesses and scarring.

“I work in a prison and recently came in with a young woman with HS. It was incredibly bad in the armpit area. One of my male officers opened his cell door and started struggling,” one commenter wrote. “I had to explain to them that it wasn’t a hygiene issue, that it wasn’t intentional on her part, and I advocated that she get grooming items to manage it.”

Viewers can find out what happens to Alyse in Wednesday’s (June 21) episode of Dr. Pimple Popper.

Dr. Pimple Popper, Season 9, Wednesday, 9/8c, TLC

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