The 11 Best CW Shows of All Time, Ranked

the 11 best cw shows of all time

Right now, a lot is changing at The CW following the Nexstar acquisition, and while quite a few shows are ending (or have already ended) in the 2022-2023 season, we’ve already had great content since the network’s debut in 2006, replacing UPN and BM.

Several shows were carried over after their original airing on one of the two networks it replaced, including Supernatural (all but one season aired on The CW), the gilmore girls, The hill with a tree, Smallvilleand Veronica Mars. Soon after, the network would become home to teen dramas, sci-fi/fantasy shows, superheroes, and more. Arrow would lead to a whole Arrowverse, which would tie into several major crossovers. Other shows would spawn spin-offs.

Below, take a look at what we got from The CW (so far). To qualify for our list, a show had to become popular during its time on the network.

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