Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ramji does not want Bhim Rao to serve in the royal family.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode, Karuna serves tea to Bala. He asks if his love wasn’t enough, he left alcohol and friends for her. He changed for her, but it wasn’t enough. Karuna asks him to shut up, he only believes what he wants. Karuna wants to leave. Bala wants an answer, it is not Bhim Rao or Anand. He grabs her hand threatening to marry someone else. Karuna allows him to do this, he leaves her hand. Jijabai comes to Karuna, the hand must be hurting but the pain is still not increasing because Bala is about to get another wife. Jijabai says Karuna shouldn’t have messed with her. Karuna asks Jijabai to find Bala another woman instead of arguing with her.

Meera asks Ramji for information. Ramji says the fee is a lot but he would do everything in his power to stop Bhim Rao from serving the king. Meera sees Bhim Rao and Rama coming, asks where they were. Bhim Rao wanted to find work but people refused to give him a job because he was a graduate. Anand wonders, Bhim Rao has to serve the royals anyway. The official brings the work file to him to complete until the result is announced. Ramji takes the pile and tells him that Bhim Rao needs a vacation. The official gives Bhim Rao a week’s notice for the work.

Ramji hides the stack of files. Ramji cannot let Bhim Rao work for the royal family now. Bhim Rao wonders why Ramji rushed in with all the files. Meera says Ramji wants to enjoy some days. Shoba is quick to clash telling Bhim Rao that she has heard few opinion examiners to guard Bhim Rao’s papers for others to learn from. Anand calls Ramji outside to hear the good news, Ramji refuses to do so, he will not listen to Bhim Rao persuading him to work. Anand brings Ramji outside to tell him the good news. Ramji is proud of his son, for the examiner’s observations to protect Bhim Rao’s work for future generations. Bhim Rao hugs Ramji. Few men dressed in similar clothes come to sing calling Bhim Rao. They will prepare to celebrate Bhim Rao’s college graduation. Hitesh asks, asks what happens if Bhim Rao fails. Anand doesn’t believe it. Karuna sends the men to prepare for the feast.

Ramji walks in with tears in his eyes, he remembers Ramji fighting for education. He bursts into tears; Rama comes and asks if he misses his mother. Bhim Rao agrees, his mother would be happy for her son’s graduation. She would have made him sweet tortillas; it was a habit. She was not educated herself but wanted him to study, grow up and do something for his caste and brothers, free them from the fear of lower caste. Bhim Rao remembers that his mother saved his first copy, she wanted to keep it safe and remember that her son started his education from this copy. He wanted to save his last copy, but gave up. Bhim Rao could not find that copy anywhere after her death. He missed his mother when everyone was talking about keeping his copy in college. Rama wonders where the copy was. Ramji says it was burnt with her body. Bhim Rao is a brave man; they must look down upon him with the hope of seeing him prosper. Ramji also wipes his tears, asks Rama to cook sweet tortilla for them.

Vaipal asks Shishupal why he keeps failing in front of Bhim Rao. A man comes to inquire about Vaijnath who was resting inside. The man calls Vaijnath outside, Shishupal and Vaipal question him. Vaijnath comes out. He says upper caste trusted Vaijnath to avenge Bhim Rao but he let everyone down. The man here to inform that the day after tomorrow Vaijnath’s turban will be taken from him during the graduation ceremony of Bhim Rao.

The episode ends.

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