Mere Sai 16 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Sai warns Kulkarni about his bad times ahead

Mere Sai 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai cleans all his things in Dwarka Mai. Tatya and Baizmaa on their way to Dwarka Mai. Tatya asks Baizmaa not to worry so much about Sai. Baizmaa then says why did she call everyone, something is wrong. They reach Dwarka Mai, Baizmaa asks Sai why he is cleaning so late. Sai tells him, slowly share my things with everyone, who knows I might not get another chance. Tatya says to Sai, now even I am worried. Sai tells Tatya that worries are destroying your present peace. Baizmaa says to Sai, you once said that there will be a time which will be the beginning of the end.
Tatya asks Sai if it is the end. Sai asks them to focus on good things. Tatya gets emotional and hugs Sai and says I hope what I think is wrong, please don’t go.

Sai tells Tatya, its not time to get emotional but be strong and fight things with strength. Time is never the same and we must be prepared for it and accept the truth. It’s time to put my learnings into practice.

Ganu Maharaj Bapu Saheb and Kaka Saheb are making the designs of the house. Sai at Dwarka Mai also does the drawings.
KakaSaheb tells Bapu Saheb that this drawing is good but I feel something is missing. Bapu Saheb says I told you whatever I saw. Sai to Dwarka Mai, complete the outline. Bapu Saheb and Kaka Saheb see Sai’s miracle and pray to Sai.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai sees Kakasaheb’s drawing. Sai says this work should finish quickly before Dassera. Bapu Saheb says how is it possible?
Sai says to have faith and patience and I also decided the place.

Sai and others reach the location for ButtiVada. Shama says Sai, say that is why you took care of this land for years. Sai says yes, I had promised Bapu Saheb that I will stay here with him forever. Baou Saheb says Sai, we will finish the work as soon as possible.

Kulkarni disturbs a villager for not returning his money and forces him to transfer his house to Kulkarni. Rukmini stops Kulkarni and says where will they go if you take their house. Kulkarni scolds her and then forces the villager to stamp the paper. An ax from the roof falls but Sai stops it from falling on Kulkarni.
Kulkarni sees Sai and gets angry. Sai goes to the hatchet and picks it up out of the air and holds it down. Sai says to Kulkarni, remember I always told you, your sins cross the limit and now they have crossed and now you will have a tough time. Sai says stop, I saved you today but there will be time, I won’t be here to save you. Kulkarni says I told you, stay away from my affairs.
Sai pays for the villager. Kulkarni starts laughing and says you are a beggar and trying to help him. Sai smiles and holds the coins on a plate and they start growing and the plate fills with coins.

Santa picks up the plate and tells Kulkarni to take our money and leave. Sai frees the bound villager. He prays to Sai and thanks Sai. Sai says to Kulkarni, I saved his house but I don’t know if you will be able to save yours and leave.
Kulkarni starts thinking about what Sai was trying to say.

Sai feels Baizmaa and smiles. Baizmaa hides behind the walls at Dwarka Mai. Sai goes to a window and calls Baizmaa inside. Baizmaa says I was coming to see you. Sai says first you came to give me breakfast, then cleaning, then lunch and now again. Baizmaa says I can’t come, my legs hurt, so I came here. Sai tells him, do your legs hurt or your heart? Baizmaa says yes, I am worried, I am afraid that you will leave me alone, so I was keeping an eye on you. Sai tell me where I will go leaving you, I don’t see you like that, I will always be with you. Baizmaa says look you promised now don’t break it. Sai rests his head on Baizmaa’s lap and says I can never hurt you.
Sai gets up and says Tatya. Baizmaa asks what happened to Tatya.

Pre chap: Rukmini says to Kulkarni, I consider Sai as God and your behavior towards Sai is not acceptable as a wife and as a devotee. Kulkarni gets angry and raises his hand.

Baizmaa asks Sai, what is wrong with Tatya. Sai looks worried.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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