Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rama saves Bhim Rao.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode, Hitesh tells Joku that his head feels heavy. Joku has difficulties with Phuliya, then Karuna and Bhim Rao come. Janardan refuses to consider Bhim Rao a drama, the man has certain capacities to be appreciated, recognized and celebrated. Hitesh questions, he is not getting work after graduation, the prince offered him a job similar to Hitesh and Joku. Phuliya loves their art of making everything a mess. Joku asks him to leave. Phuliya reminds him of the customer whose clothes he burnt. Everyone went to bed. Jijabai slipped out of the house.

Rama asks Karuna about her challenge with Jijabai. She remembers the current happenings but tells Rama that everything is fine.

Bhim Rao comes to Bala asking him about his misbehavior with Karuna on the matter of milk. To get rid of Bhim, Rao Bala accepts his mistake and promises to make it better. Bhim Rao never imagined Bala thinking like this. He asks Bala to take care of Karuna.

Jijabai talks to a mother about her daughter’s marriage to Bala. She set the date for the day after tomorrow. the woman was ready to marry her daughter. They were leaving. Karuna was sitting behind Jijabai. Jijabai told Karuna about the woman who would soon be Bala’s second wife, she lost the war against Jijabai. Karuna asked Jijabai what to do. Jijabai proposed to unite with her against Bhim Rao and Rama, Karuna has to support her in everything and in return she will prove her innocence. Karuna could not imagine Jijabai stooping so low, she would rather break her relationship with Bala for doubting her than go against Bhim Rao.

Vaipal suggests to kill Bhim Rao today to save Vaijnath positions, he is slapped by his father in return. Vaipal calls his men in a reaction, orders the men to kill Bhim Rao the moment he comes out of the chawl. Shishupal tells Vaijnath that a lot can happen in a day.

Bhim Rao comes out, Ramji stops him. Bhim Rao wants to find work before going to the Maharaja as per the deal. Jijabai questions, Ramji had a marriage with her but nothing happened. Ramji decides not to talk to Bhim Rao in front of Jijabai. Bhim Rao leaves.

The men were waiting outside to attack Bhim Rao, but Rama brings her inside. Rama takes her inside, forbids her to leave the room. She saw people standing outside with a gun to kill Bhim Rao. He wonders how long he has to stay here. Rama says he heard men talking about Vaijnath being deprived of his position after today.

Jijabai comes to Bala, says she found another girl for Bala. He wonders, it wasn’t literally to marry another woman, it was just to scare Karuna. She asks him not to care about others, she will marry him tomorrow. The other woman is pretty, she will make Bala happy. Karuna overhears the conversation, it is a test for Bala to see his love for her. Bala asks Jijabai not to tell anyone. She agrees. Karuna bursts into tears, Rama asks her. Karuna remembered something, Jijabai questions. Karuna asks Rama about work, Rama tells him that they will not go out today. He takes Karuna outside to explain.

Karuna, Rama, Shoba, Daliya, Phuliya and Bhim Rao go out to the brick chawl threatening to attack the men if they don’t go back to Vaijnath. Hitesh mocks Bhim Rao for hiding behind a woman. Rama wonders, can a wife protect her husband the way Bhim Rao protects her. Phuliya protects the first graduate of his caste. Shoba feels happy to do this. Bhim Rao is humiliated but proud of the woman for protecting him. Those who must be embarrassed sit behind the tree.

Later, the men informed Vaijnath about their meeting. Vaijnath wonders what society should face now.

The episode ends.

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