Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Ranimaa’s Argument

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Surili asking Shiv to trust her. She says we will focus on positives not negatives, go talk to Ranimaa, smile now. Shiv says I will talk to her, I will just come. She prays. He comes to meet Ranimaa. He says my decisions were always right including my decision to marry Surili. Ranimaa says it is not my teaching. She says Surili came here without my permission, she has no manners and style, she can’t match with us. He says I am happy for Raghu but he can’t fire Bandish, Raghu is not ready, he is taking wrong decisions. Ranimaa says I gave him the business, he can take his decisions, his rights, you can keep Bandish in your personal staff, don’t talk about wrong decisions. She leave. Samar and Raghu have a discussion. Ranimaa asks Raghu to come with her. Raghu goes. He asks is everything okay. She says no, I told you, I will take all decisions, why did you decide to fire Bandish. Raghu says he thinks he is the fifth son of the Barot family. She asks him to value people and understand them, honest business and employees are imp, you will get my permission before you keep or fire someone. He says well.

Samar asks why are you upset. Raghu doesn’t say anything. Samar gets a message…he has reached Ranakgarh. A guy comes there and sees Ranakgarh. Take a taxi. Samar smiles seeing Shiv and Surili. The guy takes a gun in his hand. Sasha asks Maasi not to worry, Surili will marry everything, Shiv is reliable, he loves her a lot. Maasi says I trust Shiv, I am worried for his mother. Ambitai calls a newspaper editor and says that Ranimaa is holding a palace marriage, I can’t inform you more now. She keeps the phone. Maan sees her. She gets tense. She greets him and leaves. The editor tells his exciting news. Ranimaa scolds the servants. She says nothing will happen here without my permission, there will be no changes, I will fire the staff if anyone opposes. He gets angry and says that Surili has no self-esteem. She asks Veera to keep Surili away from her. He agrees.

She asks Ambitai to prepare the shagun for Swati. Surili makes a plan with Maan and Sam. She says Ranimaa is angry with Shiv and me, we have to convince her, she is happy that Swati is coming, I want to do my duty, I will solve all problems. Sam says ok we will go, you come with Shiv. Maan says be there on time. Shiv and Surili leave in their car. He says we are not invited. Surili says we don’t need invitation to attend a family function but focus on happiness. He says you are saying the right things. Madhu says Maan and Sam will be here with shagun. Swati says its shagun, I liked the proposal and agreed, what is a big deal. argues Madhu. Hari asks them to calm down. He says I am bringing shagun, Swati is getting married, what to do. Madhu says to stop Swati, else she will be trapped in that golden cage. Swati says I have evaluated everything, it is my decision, please, I will need you in this step. Madhu asks why, marriage is not a game, it is made for happiness, not for an agenda, Ranimaa wants to take revenge on Shiv, so she will marry you to Raghu. Swati says yes, I also want to take revenge on Shiv.

Ranimaa and Shiv argue about Raghu. Shiv leaves. Samar says the real drama will start now. Ranimaa scolds Shiv.

Credit update to: Amena

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