Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25 July 2023 Written Episode Update: Maharaja rewards Bhim Rao.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode, Bhim Rao writes his diary. Rama comes to him, tells about the official crying outside, he was poor before but power and authority changed him. Bhim Rao wonders how to make people firm in their values. Rama suggests that people take an oath, Bhim Rao asks. She suggests that he make people swear an oath to the book in which he writes valuable things. Bhim Rao asks him to explain. Rama takes an oath before him.

The next morning, Bhim Rao remembers Rama taking the oath. Rama wonders. Bhim Rao is stuck with what Rama said last night. Rama asks him to do something good about it. Karuna informs him about an outside official sent by the Maharaja.

Maharaja asks about Bhim Rao. Deepak demands the answer. Bhim Rao came out. The official asks Bhim Rao if he obeys everything written in that letter, tell him if he is the reason why the official was captured. Bhim Rao agrees with everything. The official says that the Maharaja has sent his reply in writing.

Vaijnath and his son question Maharaj’s decision. They all want Bhim Rao to be punished for his crime. The Maharaja is known for his strict rules and punishments.

Hitesh asks the official to announce the decision, they anticipate that Bhim Rao will be punished. The official tells the Maharaja that he will reward Bhim Rao, in that reward Bhim Rao was freed from his scholarship contract to work for the Maharaja. Ramji is grateful. The man says that Bhim Rao should serve the Maharaja once in his life and the official who mistreated Bhim Rao will be punished. He hands the written letter to Bhim Rao. The culprit has been caught, Rama asks the official to give him a chance. The official leaves. Bala taunts Hitesh for standing against Bhim Rao because in the end Bhim Rao won. Hitesh demands a reward for those who supported Bhim Rao as the only ones getting benefits here are his family. Meera asks Hitesh to stop spreading hatred. Joku asks, Bala was the one who lit up. I push Hitesh to speak. Hitesh narrates that no one took care of the supports, they did not work and did not eat for two days. Janardan points out that Bhim Rao is happy to be free, Ramji is happy that his son is not leaving. Rama will answer them.

Vaijnath and his son saw the official cleaning himself. He asks the other official about the Maharaja’s decision. Vaijnath used to inform the other official about Bhim Rao, sure that the decision would go against Bhim Rao. The official corrects Vaijnath, the Maharaja decided in favor of Bhim Rao. Shishupal asks, asks the official to tell Maharaja about his misconceptions about Bhim Rao, he is not the right man. He wonders about Maharaj’s decision to rule in favor of Bhim Rao. The official refuses to listen to anything against the Maharaja. The other official advises against being manipulated by Vaijnath, accusing him of being the reason for his crimes. The official sends Vaijnath.

Shishupal questions the official audacity to send him away. He wants to teach that official a lesson. Vaijnath is confused and worried about himself, he decides to do something about Bhim Rao.

Rama says no one got tired of calling himself Bhim Rao, he must have found the courage to fight in the future. She agrees that not everyone has been groomed, but has changed their mindset. Joku got tired of her lecture. Meera asks Jijabai if she is happy that Bhim Rao stayed behind. Jijabai decides to continue faking her illness, it’s the only way to stay close to Ramji.

The episode ends.

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