Faltu 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan turns against Faltu

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The episode starts with everyone waiting for Ayaan. Harsh says Janardhan has reached the lawyer. Tanu behaves sweetly and defends Faltu. She says maybe Ayaan asked Faltu to play for Shanaya because Ruhaan helped us a lot. Ayaan comes and asks what nonsense is this. Everyone asks if he is fine, where is Faltu and what is it. Ayaan cries. Tanu says I know Faltu won’t do that, he can’t make a big move without asking you, you never had any secrets. He says we have no connection, just secrets. Tanu smiles. Savita asks what you are saying.

He says Faltu cheated me and her dreams, she was acting like Shanaya, she didn’t even tell me about it, I always thought about her dreams, I risked everything to fulfill her dream, I was so worried for her, what she did instead, she cheated on me, she lied to me, you can’t imagine what I’m going through, she took away my dream, pride and confidence, Ruhaan will take revenge on us, so I sent dad to lawyer. The doctor checks on Shanaya. She asks Ruhaan not to worry about Shanaya, nothing will happen to her. Ruhaan says I will burn the world if anything happens to Shanaya, this happened because of Faltu and Ayaan, I will not leave them, Faltu told everything to Ayaan and they made this planning. Daima says I told you not to let Shanaya bond with Faltu, you didn’t listen. He says I have seen her true face now, see how I am taking revenge on her, I will not leave Faltu.

Dadi says I think it is a big misunderstanding, Faltu is not like that. Faltu comes home and apologizes. She says I did this and hid the truth from Ayaan. The manager asks if Shanaya is okay. Daima says Shanaya is not well. He says I heard Faltu did good. Ruhaan says take the legal papers of the house and get them out of there, they should know the result of double crossing Ruhaan, she did a big mistake, take garbage and police, I want that family out of the house. He goes to Shanaya. He asks her how she is. The doctor says we need blood for her. He says you can take my blood but please do it right, Janardhan snatched my father, I will not let his son and bahu snatch my sister.

Tanu asks is it true, you played for Shanaya. Savita asks why did you do this, I know you had a reason. Sumitra says it happened wrong, I heard Faltu and Shanaya talking, I told Sid and Tanu, they didn’t believe me. She says Tanu is a Devi, I have to listen to her, it is good that Faltu accepted her mistake, she cheated Ayaan. Ayaan says Faltu is a scam, she did fraud, all her principles are fake. She asks Faltu to stop crying, this won’t work. Faltu asks him to listen. She says I did this for dad and Tadi’s treatment, Ruhaan promised to give me money, I was very worried, I didn’t think of anything. Ayaan says you should have told me if I died. she shouts. he shouted back at her.

He says you killed my love. Faltu says don’t say that, I did this for my family, not for me. Ayaan says don’t lie, you defamed the family, this is called cheating, I don’t want to keep any term with you. She says sorry, please forgive me.

Ayaan says you and Tanu are same, she cheated us and you cheated us too. Amar receives an envelope. Ayaan gets a call. Tanu asks who sent this call. Ayaan sees the video of Faltu meeting Ruhaan. Sumitra smiles. Everyone is shocked to see the video.

Tanu asks why did you go to meet Ruhaan and who made the video. Sumitra says it looks like a date, you were absent that night and made a stupid excuse. Faltu asks what you were doing there, you lied to us. Tanu smiles and remembers making Faltu and Ruhaan’s video. Faltu says there is nothing like that. Ayaan says you didn’t tell me anything, you lied to me, I don’t know you told the truth or not, you are not my Faltu, I asked you to focus on cricket, I asked you to beg the Ruhaan, You did this to become great, who asked you to save dad and Tadi, you are behaving great, Ruhaan won’t sit still now, I break this cricket bond between us forever. Faltu is crying. Tanu thinks this is the beginning, see how I destroy Ayaan and your relationship using Ruhaan.

Ayaan brings Faltu home and breaks her stick in anger. Faltu says please don’t do this. Ayaan burns the bat. He says I am ending this cricket bond between us forever.

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