Pandya Shop 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara apologizes to Malti

Pandya Store 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara asking Chiku to listen. He runs and hides behind Shweta. Dhara asks her to come out. Chiku says I hate you. Dhara complains about him. She says he is calling me a bad mother, I will become a bad mother to reform him. Shweta says give her some time. Dhara says Natasha doesn’t do such things but she thinks I am a bad mother, I can tolerate her hatred to reform him. He remembers Malti’s words.

Rishita and Raavi support Dhara. Shweta asks Chiku to say sorry to Dhara. Dhara says I don’t want her harm, she should reform, explain to her. He is crying. Dhara says I will calm my mind and come back to hear more taunts. She comes to meet Malti. Malti says you here… Dhara says yes a daughter came to apologize to her mother. Malti says my girl, I am not sorry, you were never wrong.

Dhara says I never understood you and asked why you left, you will forgive me Maa. Malti hugs her and cries. Suman tells a story to the children. The children hug her. Suman says Dhara is giving you life lessons, don’t worry.

Malti says your father was a good father but a bad husband, he used to treat me badly and beat me if I spoke to anyone, Gautam’s father used to come to my rescue, your father used to bond me with him, I considered Gautam’s father. like me brother i was tired i wanted respect and love but your father couldn’t give me i saw a ray of hope i left my children and ran away with arushi’s father she had a baby boy everything was fine when he was alive then fate changed his son kicked me and arushi out of the house then i came back here to repent but i added to your problems please forgive me. Dhara kissed his hand. She says I always longed for your love. Malti and Dhara are crying. The Bahus are talking about aliens. Someone knocks on the door. He’s scarrying. Rishita goes to check. She sees a man. The man delivers the ice cream and says that four people passed out and died, they are all tense. She says anything. Shweta comes and says it was my idea to order ice cream for kids, Chiku’s mood was bad.

Rishita says I can have it after dinner. Dhara comes home. Shweta asks Chiku to have ice cream. Dhara says its time for dinner, eat first. He refuses. Rishita says he has become stubborn. Dhara asks who will eat the food. Chiku says to throw away the food. She asks did I teach you that. She asks Shweta to support him more. Dhara says we can’t spoil children by listening to them. The ice cream falls. He picks it and eats it. Dhara says it is dirty ice cream. Rishita says he was so innocent and now he has become stubborn. He runs away. Suman says don’t look at him, he will get well. Dhara asks Shweta not to spoil Chiku. She gets frustrated. Suman comes to her. She asks what is happening, you have decided, don’t go back from your decision. Dhara asks what. Suman says you are jealous seeing Shweta and Chiku. Dhara says no. Suman says it is hard for Chiku to accept that she has two mothers. Dhara says Dev, Shiva and Krish consider me as their mother. Suman says since I allowed them, you have to allow Chiku.

Gautam and Rishita search for Dhara and the missing children.

Credit update to: Amena

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