Faltu June 15, 2023 Written episode update: Tanu finds out the truth

Faltu 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with the coach asking Faltu and Shanaya to keep up the good work. He asks them to play well at state trials. Tanu comes there and looks further. Coach asks Shanaya to move her wrist. Tanu says she is still having pain in her wrist, why is she not saying anything. He asks Shanaya to come knock. Shanaya says ok, I will go to toilet and come. Tanu sees Faltu running and says why is she going after Shanaya. Faltu changes his clothes and goes to play. Ayaan comes there to meet Faltu.

She says she will be very happy to see me here. No play. Tanu says why did he wear the mask, how does he play so well with his injured hand. The coach says well played. She says where is Tanu, why didn’t she come till now. She goes to see. Ayaan sees Faltu playing and says my wife is working hard, why is she playing a mask. Coach says Shanaya shot perfectly. Ayaan asks how can it be Shanaya, an amazing shot but same position as Faltu, his batting style of Faltu, how can this happen. Tanu is shocked to see Shanaya in the toilet. She says if he is here then who is playing in the field. He sees Faltu’s shirt there.

Ayaan says where is Faltu. The coach asks where Faltu is. Tanu sees Faltu turning and going to change his clothes. She says Faltu is acting instead of Shanaya, Sumitra was right, Ayaan knows about it, no, she would never have allowed him to do that. Faltu comes to play. The coach asks you where you disappear, focus on the game, the trials are coming, you and Shanaya will hit together. She says no, I am fine to play 4. Ayaan says why is she saying this when we always practiced for opening. Coach says I will decide, take your position. Ayaan looks and thinks why is Faltu looking so tired. He goes to meet her. She is shocked to see him. She asks you when you came. He says you should have said you are happy to see me, how unromantic. She hugs him and says I am very happy but when did you come. Shanaya smiles seeing them. Ayaan says you played well but Shanaya played better than you.

Shanaya lies to them. She says I will meet Ruhaan and come. Ayaan and Faltu leave. Tanu comes home. She says I was waiting for this chance, Ayaan will not be yours if he is not mine. Ayaan and Faltu come home. He asks what happened. She says you look happy. He says yes, I think I will remove all our problems. She says you said this to the guard too. He says I will tell you everything, keep patience, focus on cricket now, I am always with you, don’t worry. She hugs him. Tanu says I will reveal Faltu and I made Ayaan hate her, then maybe it will be easy for me to win the family. She is smiling. She sees Amar ji and asks who asked for these candles. He says I am taking this for Tadi, she likes scented candles. Tanu looked further. Dadi falls asleep. Tanu puts the candles on the carpet. She leave. Ayaan asks Janardhan to read the papers and sign, we will challenge Kanika and get our house and business back. Janardhan says you have done a big thing, I am very happy. Ayaan says just sign the papers, I have to be with Faltu, if she gives her best tomorrow, then she can be selected in the state team. Janardhan says don’t worry. Dadi wakes up and sees the fire. she shouts. Tanu smiles.

Faltu says I have to tell you the truth. Ayaan asks what. Tanu says you will tarnish everyone, Ayaan will not be yours.

Credit update to: Amena

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