Is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel coming to DVD and Blu-ray now?

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel has reached the end. Will Amazon now release the complete series on DVD and Blu-ray? What are the chances of that happening?

Amazon doesn’t make a habit of releasing its popular TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray. Every now and then, though, there’s a surprise. Just look at boys, which has its first two seasons now on DVD. We are waiting to see if and when the third season will be released as well.

What about other Amazon shows? Could Amazon decide to wait for the shows to completely wrap up before finally releasing them on DVD and Blu-ray? The wonderful Mrs. Maisel he is one of those we are looking for. Will we get it on DVD and Blu-ray now?

Could The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel be released on DVD?

It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t do physical releases. Not doing digital releases makes sense. This will drive people away from streaming platforms, but DVD releases don’t. DVDs are great to have when you’re at home if there’s no internet or a streamer is dropping content. Even original content is removed from some platforms. They aren’t useful when you’re on the move, as digital content and streaming are.

So that would be nice to see The wonderful Mrs. Maisel get a DVD version. There is no guarantee that this will happen.

There have been a few Amazon shows that have ended over the years and not had a DVD release. Look at The tin star, The Man in the High Castle, and Paper girls. The only show to receive a routine DVD release was Boschi, but that was before Amazon’s streamer was a global option. The DVD release was great for international audiences. This is no longer necessary.

We’ll definitely be paying attention, though. It would be great to get the release.

The wonderful lady. Maisel is available for streaming only Prime Video.

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