Faltu June 20, 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu is misunderstood

Faltu 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu asking Ayaan not to get angry. He asks her not to come in front of him. Kanika says he is so upset today. Tanu says the real drama has started now. Doctor says we will monitor Shanaya, there is nothing to worry, she is fine. Ruhaan says I know the best doctors in the best hospitals, I can arrange them. The doctor says there is no need, I have made all the arrangements at home, the nurse is also there. Ruhaan gets angry and leaves. Faltu apologizes to Ayaan. Ayaan threw the cricket kit down. It burns him. Faltu cries and remembers his dreams. Ayaan says I burn everything related to cricket, I will not teach you cricket and talk about it, you can do whatever you want. Amar says some people came and asked us to vacate the house. Ayaan says Ruhaan sent you a gift. Faltu is crying.

Ruhaan’s manager asks them to vacate the house immediately. He says I have taken my team, they will help you. Faltu asks what you say, where are we going. Ayaan asks her to shut up. Savita says give us some time. Govind asks how is this possible. Ayaan says there is no point in asking them, Ruhaan sent them to drive us out and take revenge for his sister’s revenge, we didn’t know about it, the deal was between Faltu and Ruhaan, why are we vacating the house, why will the whole family pay for one person’s mistake, call your boss and have me speak to him. Ruhaan comes and says nothing, I did a big favor and you all backstabbed me, you insulted my sister, she is critical, she couldn’t take her defamation, she tried to commit suicide, her treatment is going on, what it was her mistake, she wanted to fulfill her dream, you both punished her. Faltu says that we didn’t do this on purpose, we don’t know how the media got there. Really ask, you don’t know, Ayaan told you to play this game with me, vacate the house now. She says no. He says I have to go back to my sister’s house. Govind asks where will we go. Tanu says I asked you to take this house from me, you didn’t listen. Ayaan says this is our home and no one can take us away. Ruhaan says you think you can send a notice and tear the house. Janardhan comes and says we don’t have to vacate this house. Say you thought you were going to rip our house off. He shows the legal orders. Ruhaan checks him. Sid and Tanu ask if it is true. Ayaan says we knew Ruhaan will take revenge, so we got the stay orders, we challenged Ruhaan and Kanika in court, they cheated us and took away our house and business. Faltu tells good news. Ayaan stops her. He says sorry Ruhaan, your dream of chasing us away will not come true. He asks Kanika and Ruhaan to decide who is wrong and who to blame. He asks Ruhaan to leave. He says your sister can’t play cricket, forget it, your truth is out, you showed money and got Faltu on your side, she didn’t think about her future and accepted the offer, what did you get , business based on lies can never succeed. He asks Ruhaan to leave. Ruhaan and his team leave.

Tanu asks Ayaan to listen please. She says punish me, spare my mother, I wanted to take revenge on you and family. He says I will not forgive you, you both brought Ruhaan in our life, court will punish you, I know how good you are, time will tell. He hugs Janardhan.

Ayaan cries and says you said right, cricket has taken away a lot from me, I have nothing to do with cricket. He goes. Savita scolds Faltu for breaking Ayaan’s heart and cheating on him. Kinshuk says you shouldn’t have done that. Sumitra says you should have taken the money from me. Govind says Faltu did this for us. Janardhan says yes but we were insulted because of her decision. They all work. Kanika gets worried. Tanu says I will spoil the happiness and peace of this house if anything happens to you. Kanika calls Ruhaan and says they don’t know what evidence Ayaan and Janardhan have with them. He threatens her. They argue. She is shocked. Daima comes and says that Shanaya has become conscious. Faltu comes to Ayaan. He says I have to go out, either you stay here or I go. She apologizes. He says stay here alone, this is your punishment.

Kanika is arrested. Tanu asks Ayaan. Ayaan says Kanika will be punished for her crime. Tanu gets angry and says you all will pay for this.

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