Pandya Store 20 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Arushi turns evil

Pandya Store 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara and Suman talking about Chiku. Arushi asks Malti to pack her bags. She says we will be back. Malti asks why so soon. Arushi asks why, Dhara came back to you. Malti says no, Dhara tried to understand me for the first time today. Suman says children are like sand, we shouldn’t try to punch him, keep open hand, let him go to Shweta, he will be yours, like my children, they were always mine and yours. Arushi says fine, I have to leave now, it will be hard for me to stay here, I am scared, I heard aliens have come here, it is not safe, I want to apologize to Dhara. Malti says stay with me please. Arushi says fine, as you say, you came with me soon, promise me, tell Dhara that I will repent my mistakes, I love you. Malti smiles. Raavi gets a glass of milk for Shiva. He smiles. She hugs him and says I have been waiting for 7 years for these moments. He says I know, sorry.

They say I love you and hug you. She asks him to take medicine. They have a discussion. She says we will go to temple tomorrow and thank God. He says yes we should go, I feel Arushi will create trouble for us. She asks you if you love her. He says no, I love you, I don’t want my family to bear the punishment. She asks him not to take tension. She says sleep now, we will go to temple and then doctor. He pulls her close. Mann mast magan… play… They hug. Dhara sees Shweta with Chiku. Shweta says you should have said sorry to Dhara. The children are getting ready. They ask about Chiku’s new uniform. Chiku argues with Dhara over a new uniform. He says now I know you are not my mother. The neighbor comes and asks the family not to send the children to school. She says aliens have come here. Prerna says we shouldn’t take this lightly. Dhara says you are taking kids to school, I have to go somewhere. Shesh asks Chiku not to worry, Dhara did not come because she is afraid of aliens, she is not your real mother. Dhara goes to talk to Malti.

At school, Chiku remembers Dhara’s words. The children bully him. Chiku fights him. The teacher scolded the children. Chiku lies to Natasha. The boy says Chiku fought with me. Malti calls Dhara and says I want to leave this city. Dhara asks him to stay with her. Malti says you have your family, Arushi is alone, she needs me, I will come whenever you need me, I have to go now, Arushi wants to meet you. Dhara says fine, I will meet her and convince her to stay back, I am not leaving you, ask Arushi to send me the address. Arushi smiles. He thinks of killing Dhara.

Gautam and Rishita search for Dhara and the missing children.

Credit update to: Amena

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