Hijack, starring Idris Elba, coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Hijack is the TV series you’ll want to watch right now. It’s currently streaming on Apple TV+, but will it make its way to DVD and Blu-ray?

If you like intense dramas starring Idris Elba, there’s only one TV show to watch right now. Is about Hijackwhich is premiering on Apple TV+ right now.

The series follows a plane from Dubai to London that has been hijacked. Hence the name of the series. Elba’s character is just a normal human, how he will use his gift to try to save everyone on board. Meanwhile, the people on the ground will find a way to save the day,

The story is told over the course of seven episodes. Each episode covers an hour on the plane, telling the story in real time similar to 24.

Hijack coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

If you don’t have Apple TV+, you’ll want to look at other ways to watch the show. One of those ways could be DVD and Blu-ray. For a while, DVDs became less popular, but now we all want physical releases. After all, streaming networks are removing content, and that makes us worry that we’ll never be able to watch the shows again.

We have some bad news about this one though. It is not clear whether Hijack will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s unlikely, though.

This is an Apple TV+ original series. Others such as Servant and For all mankind I didn’t have a DVD and Blu-ray version. This suggests that he won’t be getting one either.

However, Apple TV+ will not remove its own content. Warner Bros. Discovery has streaming platforms to make money. This is. Apple has plenty of other products to help make money, including its own digital platform to buy and rent versions. Low audience need not be a concern for content already on the platform.

Hijack is in flux Apple TV+.

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