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Wheel of FortunePat Sajak has announced that he is leaving the long-running show, but it looks like he has no plans to slow down work-wise. Instead, the TV legend will focus on a new role in academia.

Conformable Local WVID, Pat Sajak has since revealed that he is now the president of a conservative college in Michigan. The 76-year-old serves on Hillsdale College’s board of trustees as president following the retirement of William Brodeck. Sajak’s role is not entirely surprising, as he has served as vice president since 2003.

Described as a private Christian school, Hillsdale College was founded in 1844 and is located outside of Ann Arbor.

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“For decades, Pat Sajak has been a radio and television icon. There are few things more intimate than appearing in the living rooms of countless Americans every night. We know he will be missed and congratulate him on a well-deserved retirement,” said Emily Slack, Hillsdale’s executive director of media relations and communications. The NY Post.

“Hillsdale College is fortunate to have an even closer relationship with Mr. Sajak. Since 2019, I have benefited from his wisdom, intellect and good humor as Hillsdale’s chairman of the board,” Slack’s statement continued. “We look forward to continuing our important work together and what we are sure will be a bright future for Mr. Sajak and his family.”

Sajak’s president’s announcement comes on the heels of news of his retirement the wheel which surprised the fans. His final run with the show will be the show’s upcoming 41st season, which begins in September of this year.

He has hosted the show since 1981, working alongside Vanna White since she joined the show a year later. Speculation about who will take over the hosting role has already begun american idolRyan Seacrest is among the first. Stay tuned for more on Sajak’s exit from the wheel and who will take over for him.

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