Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranimaa insults Surili

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu getting happy seeing Swati supporting him. Shiv says congratulations, I need time to accept this. Swati says I got the place I deserved, I was forced to marry you, I feel free now. Raghu says I tried to tell my feelings to Swati. She says it is a yes, we will get married, credit goes to them. Surili says we will celebrate this moment. Shiv congratulates them. He hugs Raghu. He says Swati, you deserve all the happiness, you will get it, Raghu will love you a lot. Surili says congratulations. He hugs Swati. She asks them to have a group hug. He thanks Raghu. She says we were feeling so guilty, all’s well that ends well, welcome to the family. Swati says I have always been a part of this family, I should tell you, welcome to my family. Surili thanks him.

Maan and Sam come. They congratulate Raghu. Maan hugs Raghu. Swati says Surili is from city, I am from Ranak and I know the values. Maan says congratulations. Sam says I was afraid that Maa is remarrying Shiv, luckily it is Raghu’s marriage. Shiv asks Sam to think and talk. Surili gets Pammi’s call. She asks about Sasha and Diya. She talks to her and smiles. She says everyone welcomed me here, Raghu’s marriage is fixed. Sam says we’re having a bachelor party. Raghu says just tell me the place, I will arrange it. Swati says you have to share secrets with me, its my right. Sam asks Maan to come. Swati says sorry, I forgot to congratulate you, congratulations. Shiv says thanks, I didn’t know, you and Raghu like each other, he proposed. She says its fine, he decided on his own. Raghu holds her. Shiv says we brothers have a good bond. Raghu says mom is protective too but you have independent thinking, I learned that from you. Sasha comes over and hangs up. She makes a video call. They have a discussion.

Diya says I love you and miss you. Sasha asks him to show the palace. Surili shows the lavish palace and says the antiques are worth millions. Ranimaa is coming. Shiv says Bandish is special for our company. Raghu says I can’t keep him in office, you can keep him as personal staff. Shiv asks why, you can’t fire him. Swati says we are talking about work later, we will meet Ranimaa. Raghu says of course as you say.

Ranimaa taunts Surili. Pammi says we are Surili’s family, we will meet soon. Ranimaa asks what. Surili disconnects the call. Ranimaa says convey my message to her, we will never meet, you are not my bahu, you love your family, don’t give them misunderstanding. Surili says you are angry with me, don’t throw my family. Ranimaa says I can, you didn’t let me say, a day has passed, only 29 days ago, we don’t accept changes in the palace. Surili says I have much time, I came here for my love, for Shiv and this beautiful family, you are scolding me, it looks affectionate. Swati comes and hugs Ranimaa. Ranimaa blesses Raghu and Swati. She says I am happy this decision will increase my prestige. She taunts Surili. He sees Shiv holding Surili’s hand.

Shiv says now is the limit. Surili says trust me, I will win her heart. Surili makes coffee for Ranimaa. Ranimaa got angry.

Credit update to: Amena

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