Agnisakshi 15 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Supriya holds Jeevika at gunpoint

Agnisakshi 15th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Supriya saying that someone has given me a huge amount to not marry Satvik. Jeevika asks who is that person? Supriya is about to tell him, then says she will never tell him the truth. She says she will hurt him like he hurt her by leaving her. She says she will make sure he is never happy. Jeevika says enough. Supriya asks her to say something or say I love you like you used to say in college. Satvik asks him to leave, before I forget how to behave with guests. Supriya asks will you fall in love with me. Satvik says that love happens to the person who exists. Supriya says only time will tell who exists and who won’t. She walks into the room. Rajnandini comes in room and says you did right not to take my name, you won’t cut helping hands. Supriya says I used to consider you my Guru and says you didn’t help me and I was just watching the drama. Rajnandini says I can only help you to get Satvik. Supriya says she doesn’t need her help and says she didn’t say anything to Satvik because she wants to hurt and annoy him. He asks Rajnandini not to be happy and says I don’t care about you at all. Rajnandini says she has changed her mind and won’t help her and leaves. Supriya says she will win sometime.

Satvik regrets believing in Supriya and not believing in Manas, Shlok, Aadhya etc. He regrets that he did wrong with Jeevika and says I told you about my love story and says this was my love. Jeevika says it was Supriya’s decision to betray you, it was her bad luck. She says such a person like you is rare and says if Supriya was in my place then she would have understood what she lost to get something. He hugs her and cries.

Narayan says how can anyone be so evil. Aadhya says now bhaiyya and Bhabhi’s eyes are open. Narayan asks Shlok why he didn’t inform him. Juhi asks Shlok how did he know that someone is helping Supriya. Shlok says they just doubted and it came true. He says Supriya told Bhaiyya that Manas informed her about Jeevika’s accident, but when I confirmed with him, he said he didn’t tell her. She says someone tipped her off, but you don’t know who? Satvik tells him that Jeevika says it is not only about him but also about her tears. Just then I hear gunshots. Supriya comes out of her room and aims her gun at everyone. Shlok comes in front of her. Supriya says this family cannot bear your death. She aims the gun at Satvik. Juhi asks Rajnandini what is Supriya doing? Rajnandini says they might target us and says Supriya has no use for them now and doesn’t care if she lives, dies or kills anyone. Jeevika tries to calm Supriya down. Supriya confesses that she should have died in the smoky car when she locked her there. Everyone is shocked.

Satvik gets angry with Supriya for trying to kill Jeevika. Supriya says I don’t know whose destiny it was good that you saved her. She says when I can hurt myself then I can’t kill her. cried Satvik. Supriya says if we talk now then what will we do after marriage. She says time has come to become Mrs. Bhosle. Narayan asks what is he doing? Supriya says if you were my sasur, I would have killed you. She asks Shlok to bring sindoor and threatens to kill them. Satvik says if you think you will marry me on the point of putting gun then its your misunderstanding. Supriya says you didn’t marry me because of this smart fox. Satvik says he will never marry her. Supriya says we will forget everything we both did and then start again. Satvik says he will start again with Jeevika. Supriya takes Jeevika at gunpoint and threatens Satvik to marry her.

Precap: Narayan says you will never get Satvik’s love. Supriya tries to rip off Jeevika’s mangalsutra. Jeevika says its mine and slaps Supriya hard.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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