Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar reaches the palace

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranimaa announcing that Raghu and Swati’s marriage will take place next week. She says entire Gujarat will see and praise our royal family. She asks Maan to give one month salary as staff bonus. Ambitai wishes Ranimaa. Maan gets the money. Ranimaa chases away the bad sight from Swati. She taunts Surili. They welcome Swati to the family. She makes Swati wear her necklace. Shiv leaves. Pammi says Shiv is a nice guy but Ranimaa is painful. Sasha says don’t worry. Pammi says Surili disconnected the call. They pray for Surili. Shiv says mom is doing too much now. Surili says she is mother, I will convince her with love. Ranimaa drinks coffee and likes it. Ambitai says Shiv asked for these files. Ranimaa asks if you have changed the chef, the coffee is good. Ambitai says Surili has succeeded. Ranimaa asks what, who allowed her to enter the kitchen. She goes and sees Surili. Veera comes and says Samar came to meet you. She asks what he is doing here at 10 am.

Samar enters the palace and looks at Ranimaa’s portrait. Ranimaa comes and I mock him. He says that anyone would be jealous to see the family connection, a picture is worth a thousand words. She says I have read the transaction papers, I will send you the contract. He says thank you, I have come to meet Raghu. Raghu comes and hugs Samar. Samar says congratulations. Ranimaa gets a call and leaves. Samar says it is amazing. Raghu says you gave me courage to go home to Swati, you know tarot. Samar says I read your helplessness for love and your position, congrats for your new life. Shiv is coming. Raghu introduces Samar Ahluwalia. Shiv greets Samar. Samar says nice to meet you. He says I’d like to have orange juice without sugar and ice. Raghu says she is just like you, you can give her. Shiv says take it. Samar says it is yours, I will take what is mine by right. Shiv says take your seat, finally we are meeting. Samar says I saw your business closely, I tried to meet you, I think you were busy, its fine. Shiv says business is fine, since you befriended Raghu, I am also keeping an eye on me, what did you do to impress Ranimaa, Raghu gave you place to a brother. Samar says I have royal charm, Raghu and Ranimaa accepted me. Raghu asks if we are discussing marriage plans. says Shiv with me. Surili is coming. Samar says I don’t know her. Shiv says you did our homework. Samar says you are popular.

Surili says they are Surili. Shiv says my wife. Samar says nice to meet you, when this happened, I should have got a gift, many congratulations, there will be two marriage celebrations, amazing. Ranimaa is coming. Samar says congratulations, Raghu told me about your decision, I didn’t know about one more marriage, we will discuss about both marriages. Ranimaa says I am from a royal family, there is only one marriage here, of Raghu and Swati, what do you want to discuss. Samar says I want to organize this wedding, I have another business, an event firm, I have organized many royal weddings, please take a look Raghu. Ranimaa and Raghu like it. She says it means I don’t have to worry. Raghu says Samar said he wants to arrange it. Surili says I want to say something. Ranimaa ignores her. Shiv says Maa, Surili wants to talk to you. Surili says if you allow me, I want to organize Raghu and Swati’s marriage, I organized many events. Shiv says great, if a family member organizes the wedding. Raghu says why not but you can do it. Ranimaa says there is a big difference between palace wedding and city events, I want Samar to do this. Samar thanks him.

Ranimaa and Shiv argue about Raghu. Shiv leaves. Samar says the real drama will start now. Ranimaa scolds Shiv.

Credit update to: Amena

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