Sapno Ki Chhalaang 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika convinces Radhe

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhe refusing to talk to Radhika. She cries and calls Suman. She asks Suman to put the call on speaker. She is talking to Radhe. Do not listen and end the call. Sree says sorry, you have a lot of patience. Radhika takes her laptop. Jazz says I feel much better, I forgave Sree. Sree jokes. Jazz asks Vaishali to call Ishaan and talk about dinner. Vaishali calls Ishaan. He claims. Vaishali rushed. Sree asks what are you doing. Radhika says they are going to Jhansi. Vaishali says Radhika had a family friend. Ishaan says what, Jazz and I should be your priority, don’t come to dinner, bye. Radhika says I have to go, my father is not well. Veer says I will not refuse, you will miss a good job opportunity, this can go against you at the time of assessment. She says sorry, I have to go see my father. Say ok, come back in 2 days. She thanks him. Radhika says I feel I might lose this job, devil, but my father is more of an imp, I work for my family, I have to go to Jhansi. Sree says we will always be with you. Radhika says I want some money to manage expenses. Preeti says I will give it to you. Sree says take it from me. Radhika says no. Sree says you have to take her from us.

Radhika says no, I know month is ending. She asks Abhishek to take her old laptop for Rs 10,000. He asks why should I buy it, why are you forcing me, I already have a laptop and a tablet, sorry. I ask him to buy it. Radhika says it is my lucky laptop. He says no, you stole it. She says no, she my. Say I’m not interested, tell me the truth. Preeti says Radhika needs money, she has to buy ticket to go to Jhansi, her father is not well. He says you should have said this, I will book your ticket, you can give the money later. Sree says he doesn’t agree to the loan. Preeti asks Abhishek to think how they can sell it to someone. Radhika stops Mrs. Taluskar’s son and tries to sell his laptop. Abhishek says extortion. Suman asks what are you saying, are you coming here for a day. Jairam asks Suman to make a video call. Radhe asks Radhika not to waste the money. She says I want to convince you dad. He asks Radhika not to come. He picks up the phone and talks to her. She says you went to talk to me, you did this before. Radhe is talking to her. Jairam sends Lavi. Lavi gets the chips. Everyone eats the chips. Radhe asks Radhika not to come, not to waste the money. He says I will talk to you. She says I will keep convincing you, promise me, you will talk to me. Radhe promises.

Sree says you had to sell your laptop. Radhika says sorry Vaishali, you missed dinner. Vaishali says its fine. Preeti says to take the laptop back from Nitin. Radhika has an idea to buy for Radhe on father’s day. She is smiling. Preeti says I will go to work. Sree says I will come with you. Radhe asks Suman to make kadai aloo today. Everyone is smiling. Radhika says see, she came. Everyone gets a surprise at home.

Radhika runs home. She sees Baldev and the goons attacking Preeti.

Credit update to: Amena

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