Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update Surili Meets Madhu

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sam, Maan, Shiv and Surili coming to meet Swati. Swati asks them to come. Shiv introduces Hariprasad and Madhumalti. Surili talks to them. Madhu asks the maid to get sweets for Surili. Swati says Surili is modern, she knows everything. Surili says we will treat you like a queen. Madhu offers sweets to everyone. Swati takes the sweets from Surili. Surili becomes sad. Shiv asks Surili to get some sweets. They share the sweets. Surili asks Madhu not to worry. She says my Maasi is also like you, every mother worries about a child, we girls are their mothers princess, thanks for giving your daughter to our family, don’t worry. Madhu smiles. Surili says I don’t know anyone here, Shiv is very caring, all four brothers are same, they care, Raghu will make Swati happy. Swati asks Madhu not to worry. She says Shiv didn’t keep his promise but Raghu will keep his promise, he is better than Shiv for me, Ranimaa gave new responsibilities to Raghu, my life will be exciting, mom smiles.

Ambitai checks the newspaper and smiles seeing Shiv and Surili’s picture. She takes the newspaper to Ranimaa. Ranimaa says there is dust on the glass coaster. Ambitai says sorry, this will not happen again. Ranimaa gets a call. Veera comes and says she came. Surili says sorry, I was just trying to say this… Shiv says Swati and my family know each other well, our hearts are one, we are all siblings, we will give a lot of respect to Swati, thanks for accepting this relationship. Hari asks them to come for dinner. Shiv says not today, I am sorry for all of you, I have hurt you a lot, I will give happiness to Swati. Hari says I am sure you will take care of her. Surili says this little gift for you from us, hope you like it, congratulations. Madhu asks Swati to thank her. Swati says who is thanking the family. Shiv says we will leave now. They were leaving. Madhu says Surili, I couldn’t treat you all well, Swati is stubborn, I feel relieved seeing you, Swati won’t feel lonely, support Swati please. Surili says don’t worry, Swati is like my younger sister, I promise to protect her.

Swati gets angry and says I will become the big nightmare of your life. Shiv says you bonded with Madhu, I am proud of you. Surili says it is easy to win heart, what is next rasam and what should we do. They see the designers and jewelers in the palace. Surili says its amazing, we will enjoy marriage functions. Ambitai checks the newspaper. Sam is asked to measure for his clothes. Ranimaa says we will welcome Swati with a gold jewel. Surili says we will match our clothes and look beautiful. Ranimaa says I want the clothes on time. Surili asks what about mehendi and hadi rasam.

Ranimaa ignores her. Surili asks did I say something wrong. Shiv says no, the girl’s family keeps the mehendi and haldi function in their house. Surili explains rasams to Shiv. Ranimaa says it is a royal wedding but a local event. She mocks them. Surili asks Shiv to come and have lunch. Shiv smiles. they go to get food. Ranimaa asks about Raghu. Shiv says he had to discuss a deal with Mr. Malhotra if he went there. Maan signs no. Shiv says it means he forgot. Sam says he needs time to become like Shiv, he got engaged, he won’t remember any deal. Surili goes to the kitchen and asks Ambitai to serve the food she made. She says everyone will be happy. Guni says please come out, Ranimaa warned us. Surili says ok, I am not coming, please take the food I made, I made punjabi chole with love. Mithi says we can’t serve him now, he is trash. Surili cries and says food has been insulted. Here comes Raghu. He is lying to Ranimaa. He says Malhotra canceled the deal, I was talking to Swati and Hari, he said he likes the shagun, Swati is very happy, but Shiv and Surili sent her the gift, they liked it a lot. Ranimaa asks what gift. Shiv says Surili gave him a gift when I was there for shagun. Ranimaa asks what.

Ranimaa throws the newspaper and scolds Shiv. Shiv says someone knows a lot about our family. Raghu and Shiv fight. Shiv slaps Raghu. Samar says I will take revenge.

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