Main Hoon Aparajita 20 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Disha hides Mohini’s body from Niya

Main Hoon Aparajita 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Scene 1
Niya is outside the room and asks Aparajita if Asha is fine? she says yes Niya says what about Mohini? I feel worried because she is not picking my call.. Please open the door, I feel something is wrong. Please let me talk to you. Aparajita looked at Mohini’s dead body. Asha cries and says I didn’t want to kill her. Disha thinks she has to do something. She tells Niya that Mohini kidnapped Asha in this room but she left the room so we don’t know where she is. Niya asks if Asha is fine? open the door please. Disha says Asha is traumatized and doesn’t want to see anyone. She asks him to call a doctor. Niya says I will but does she know where Mohini is? Disha says no. Niya and Arjun go to call the doctor. Aparajita cries and says we took Niya’s mother from her, what will we tell her? Disha cries and says this can’t happen. He sees Asha crying and says someone please save me. Disha makes her lie on the couch. Aparajita falls and looks at Mohini’s corpse. Disha brings her dupatta and starts dragging Mohini’s body away. Aparajita shouts what are you doing Disha? Niya and Arjun also hear this. They knock on the door and ask what’s going on? Disha hides Mohini’s body in the cupboard and cleans the blood. Arjun says what happened to Disha? break down the door He breaks it and goes inside. Niya asks am I fine? he rushes to Asha and asks what is wrong? she cries and says i am so sorry. Aparajita says Niya.. I have to tell you something about Mohini. She came here and attacked Asha. Then he attacked me and then… Niya cries and says I am so sorry, I know mom did all this. I am so ashamed of her, I thought she would change somehow. I thought he would wish me a happy birthday. I wish I had a mother like you, I will talk to her and try to change her. Asha cries. Disha says we should call doctor miss Asha. Aparajita stops Niya and says I have to talk to you. Niya says I have to call the doctor first so that Asha, Niya and Arjun leave. Aparajita breaks down and says what will Niya think when she finds out what I did with her mother? she slaps Disha and says why did you do this? Disha says what option did I have? we couldn’t call the police and they wouldn’t trust us. Aparajita says we will tell them that Mohini tried to kill us and it was self-defense. Disha says we can’t prove it. Aparajita says I killed a man and took a mother from Niya, so we have to understand this mistake. We can’t hide this for long, we can’t hide her body here for long. They will find out soon enough. Asha cries and says I don’t want to go to jail. Aparajita hugs her and says I know you tried to save us but now we have become killers and we will have to pay heavy price for it.

Disha hugs Asha. Aparajita tells him that we did a mistake but now we have to reveal the truth. Disha cries and says I should have listened to you. Aparajita says don’t worry, I will take care of everything, stay with Asha. I will tell Niya the truth, she was her mother, so we must tell her, it is her right. She leaves from there. Disha hugs Asha and cries.

Aparajita comes to the mandir and cries, say please save us. She sees Manish coming there and says I called police. Niya says why is Mohini not answering my phone? Kabir comes there and Manish asks him to look for Mohini. Chhavi comes there so Aparajita takes her. Niya cries for Mohini. Manish says Mohini’s last location was this house, so I am sure she is here.

Aparajita brings Chhavi aside and says you should leave here. Kabir comes there and sees them talking. Chhavi asks what happened? Aparajita says Mohini is dead. She tells him everything that happened. Aparajita says she attacked Asha and me… and then Asha pushed her and she died on the spot. Chhavi asks where is her body? Aparajita says I hid it in the room, you should leave here. Chhavi says no.. what will we do now? Aparajita says we will tell truth to Niya, we did nothing wrong. Kabir comes to her and asks what happened? Aparajita says I need to talk to you. Another officer comes there and says ACP Kabir? She says Manish complained that you have a relation with this house, so I will investigate this case now. Aparajita is worried.

The episode ends.

Credit update to: Atiba

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