Imlie June 16, 2023 Written episode update: Kairi in critical condition

Imlie 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhairya brings a bag of snacks to Imlie and tells him that they will go for a picture today, watch a movie and then go to a restaurant and spend the whole day together. Imlie thus says that by the time they return home, Atharva and Chini’s engagement would be over. He says he doesn’t want her to feel pain seeing Atharva’s engagement. Imlie says she has already seen Atharva becoming a groom and now she doesn’t mind, she has moved on and won’t get hurt. She says Atharva himself doesn’t want her to attend his engagement, so she won’t. She goes out into the living room. Atharva pulls her towards him and asks why she is coming in front of him often when he warned her not to do so. Imlie says he came forward. She jokes if she can’t stay away from her and bumps into her often, says she came to pick her mobile, asks her to get ready for his engagement and casually walks away listening to music.

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