Pandya Store 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiva promises Dhara

Pandya Store 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Raavi saying I have no support from my husband, I don’t want to live. Rishita threatens Dev. Dev says I will not leave you, I love you. Suman stops Raavi and says it is not difficult to live life, I also lived with my children. Raavi says sorry, I can’t accept this. Dhara says yes, Raavi is right, how will she live in this society, who will marry her, who will hold her hand. Krish says only Shiv ji can do this. Dhara says Shiva, Raavi is connected with us since childhood, she has done a lot for this family, we can’t do injustice to her. She asks Shiva to marry Raavi. Shiva remembers past moments.

Dhara says Arushi will get any cute guy, you won’t get a better girl than Raavi. Raavi says he just hated me and fought with me, why are you telling him he can’t do that. Dhara says no, he is innocent, he is my Shiva, he will give you justice. Shiva remembers his promise. He says I will marry Raavi. Raavi and all are surprised. He says I will do anything for Dhara, I will support Raavi and accept her child. Suman says we will marry you immediately. Dhara asks Shiva to get ready and come. He drops Raavi down and hugs her. Shiva says I have said this before. Everyone hugs Raavi. Dhara says he reacted like last time, we are going well, maybe he remembers everything while doing the rounds. Raavi says Arushi can come between them. Dhara says I will keep my promise and marry you to Shiva, I can’t guarantee if he will remember things, you try to remember everything by your love, go and get ready. He hugs Suman.

Gautam comes to meet Arushi. He asks the children to enter. Arushi says we will leave now. He says there is a change in the plan, the marriage will take place in another place, three terms are not suitable. She says Shiva did not tell me anything. He says he’ll be busy, I’ll leave the kids here and come back to get you all. He leaves. Arushi gets worried. Shiva remembers the past. Arushi asks the kids not to make her mad. Children bother her. Shiva says Arushi is a nice girl, I will inform her not to come here. Dhara compliments Raavi. Shiva hears them talking. Raavi says they want Arushi to go. Dhara applies kajal on her.

Shiva goes to his room. He leaves. The children disturb Arushi and make her angry. Dhara goes to call Shiva. Shiva comes to meet Arushi. She asks Arushi to come with her. He asks the children to stay at home. Dhara knocks on the door and calls Shiva. Gautam calls her and asks if everything is fine, Shiva and Raavi got married. She says relax, Krish and Prerna got married, Shiva agreed to marry Raavi. He says ok, you will marry them, I will keep Arushi busy. He goes to Arushi’s house and asks where Arushi is. Shesh says she ran away. He asks what. Natasha says Shiva came and took her. Gautam asks where is her mother. Shesh says he went after Shiva and Arushi. Gautam asks them to come quickly. Shiva pays the pandit and asks him to marry him to Arushi. Malti stops them. Arushi says no one will come between us. Shiva says we can take decisions in our life, we will get married. He asks the pandit to hurry. Raavi is waiting for Shiva. Shiva and Arushi go to sit in the mandap. Malti prays. Dhara knocks on the door.

Dhara does not find Shiva in his room. She says Shiva ran away. Everyone is shocked. He gets Malti’s call. Malti says Arushi and Shiva are getting married in Shiv Gauri temple. Raavi is shocked.

Credit update to: Amena

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