Is Good Omens Season 2 released weekly or is it a binge-watch?

Good omens Season 2 is coming at the end of the week. What you really want to know is whether you’ll be able to get through the entire season in one sitting.

Amazon hasn’t been that consistent when it comes to release schedules. It’s hard to watch the shows that will be released weekly and the ones that are a binge-watch. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, Amazon does something completely different, too.

So, what do you say Good omens Season 2? While the first season was a watch release, that doesn’t mean the second season will be. After all, I’ve seen the first three seasons of The wonderful Mrs. Maisel came out as binge-watches, and then the fourth and fifth seasons got different styles of weekly releases.

There’s no doubt you’ll want to watch all six episodes in one sitting. Will this be possible?

How will Good Omens season 2 arrive on Prime Video?

There is some great news for those who enjoy watching their shows. Good omens Season 2 will not be a weekly release. All six episodes will be released at once on Friday, July 28.

Episodes are about an hour long, so you’ll want to make room for six hours of footage. Not too bad considering we’re used to watching 8 to 10 episodes with a lot of shows. Because of the time zones, there’s a fair amount of episodes you’ll be getting through before Friday even arrives. We’re looking at the show that will take place around 7:00 PM ET on Thursday, July 27.

What is this season about? Well, Gabriel shows up at Aziraphale’s bookstore with no memory of how he got there. He doesn’t even remember who he is. Of course, Aziraphale wants to solve the mystery, but he needs Crowley’s help. Will Crowley help with this? He might need it when it turns out that Heaven and Hell are after this memoryless Gabriel.

Good omens Season 2 is coming Prime Video Friday, July 28.

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