Alicia Keys’ Brother Cole Speaks Out After Revenge’s Elimination

After shockingly eliminating his closest friend from the house last week, Claim to fame Contestant Cole knew he was on borrowed time and his game came crashing down on Monday’s (July 24) episode.

Cole sent Shayne home last week after correctly guessing that she was Eddie Murphy’s daughter. But the backstabbing of his closest ally meant the knives came out for Cole this week, with Karsyn ultimately picking him for elimination and correctly guessing that his famous relative is Alicia Keys.

Talking to people of his time on the show, Cole said, “I didn’t actually know I was going to pick Shayne until I was up there,” adding that “it was going back and forth between Karsyn and Shayne and the game.”

“I could go on Karsyn and I could go home, and if I go home, then I’m not going to play the game. Or I can go with what I know to be true and send Shayne home, but then blow my game inside the house, which will put a target on my back. And I was there to play the game,” he continued.

Karsyn and Cole on Claim To Fame

ABC/John Fleenor

However, after sending Shayne home, she realized that “everybody had their knives out; Be ready to stab me in the back.”

Shayne even managed to get revenge on Cole, as it was revealed on Monday’s episode that the eliminated contestant left a secret note for Karysn to help her discover Cole’s celebrity connection.

“It was written on a clue,” Shayne said people. “I didn’t want to leave the house with anyone’s clues and I wanted (Karysn) to have the best chance to win, so I wanted to leave her with as much information as possible.”

As Cole was eliminated, he received a sweet video message from his sister Alicia Keys, who shared her brother’s love and support.

“We have each other’s back. We show each other so much love,” Cole said people about his relationship with his sister. “That’s what he told me when I came on the show. — Just go enjoy it; go and win. Do what you do best. Make new friends. Use it to your (your) advantage. And we are always proud of you.”

Even though the brothers didn’t grow up together, Cole explained how they grew closer later in life, especially after he moved to New York City and stepped into the “uncle role” with the singer’s sons Genesis and Egypt, whom he shares with her husband, producer Swizz Beatz.

“She’s always been there to support me and we’ve always had each other’s back, and that has never changed and will never change,” Cole said. “She is my girlfriend.”

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