Is the Grand Tour cancelled? (Will there be more Grand Tour specials?)

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash arrives at the end of the week. Will this be the last of the special offers? It is The Grand Tour canceled by amazon?

Top Gear fans were disappointed when the BBC dropped Jeremy Clarkson. Richard Hammond and James May followed, resulting in a complete change of Top Gear align. However, Amazon stepped in to help the trio by bringing The Grand Tour to life.

After an initial run of Top Gear style episodes, the series moved on to making special programs. These are, after all, some of my favorite moments from Top Gear. We’ve had a good run of specials recently and a new one will arrive this week. We will see the trio in Central Europe.

Will this be the last, though? Are there any special offers to see?

The Grand Tour is officially cancelled

There was bad news earlier this year. Due to the controversy surrounding Jeremy Clarkson’s comments about Meghan Markle, Amazon has dropped Clarkson. This led to the cancellation of both shows by Amazon. One of these was The Grand Tour.

What does this mean for special offers already ordered? variety stated that there are four specials in the works. Eurocrash is one of them. The good news for fans is that all promotions will continue. We are waiting for the last of the specials in 2024. After that, there will be no more.

Of course, there could be a change before then. There probably won’t be, as Clarkson doesn’t feel he said anything wrong, but things could change before the end of 2024, leading to a change of heart. For now, expect the last three The Grand Tour special to be the last.

The Grand Tour is available for streaming Prime Video.

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