Todd Hoffman on the family tensions that spill over into “Hoffman Family Gold” Season 2.

Todd Hoffman returns to the Mammoth Valley mine in Alaska for Season 2 of Todd Hoffman. Hoffman family gold on the Discovery Channel. Fans watched the family and crew’s multi-generational struggle through Mother Nature and malfunctioning equipment. This time they’re bringing the big guns in the form of state-of-the-art machines, including the top-of-the-line washing facility in the Holy Roller.

For Gold Rush series favorite, it’s all or nothing this time with tons of money poured into the hopes that fortunes will turn around. The ultimate goal is to find 1,000 ounces of gold, which translates to about $1.75 million. A number that would also result in a profit, but would cover $750,000 in labor, fuel, equipment and transportation liabilities. A tall order considering the first season saw 300 ounces of gold despite all adversity.

If the elements and mechanics of it all weren’t enough, there’s also a father-son battle brewing between Dad and his older son, Hunter. Think of them as Mufasa and Simba, but with gold mining. Here Todd previews the pressure cooker of a season ahead.

Hoffman family gold

Hoffman family gold

You had many challenges last season. Were you afraid to return to the site?

Todd Hoffman: I really did. When you’ve been mining for so many years you think, “Man, if I had better equipment, I can do this.” That brought me back. You’re going to see if we can go in, do that, find a way to bring in new equipment and hit this mine head on. I’m telling you right now this pitch has never been seen Gold Rush. This is the next level.

You put all your eggs in this basket. That must have weighed on you all season.

When you have this dream and you’ve had it for years and you’ve had some successes and some failures. Through it all you have developed this team led by Andy Spinks. When you think about it, you’re at this point where we can win at this. We know we can hit it out of the park, but there’s a lot of money between us and getting that shot… Let’s just say it’s a million dollars to step up to the plate. It’s scary all around to step up to that plate and take that swing. I have the right guys in place, the ground. Now it’s up to me to see if I can get the equipment inside. In the middle of it, I work with family, so you get curveballs. I took my son who is a bit of a wild animal. That’s the scary thing about this year. I have relationship problems with staff and son. This is where it gets tough. I’ll be honest with you this season is intense. I’m nervous about how I’m being edited in this thing. I’m going to sit here and watch with everyone else, wondering what I look like and what he looks like and what we all look like. Welcome to reality TV, man. She’s crazy

Fortunately, the patriarch, your father Jack is there to help mend these fences. He is such a positive presence. How is it for you to still do his job?

There aren’t many people I can say are as unique as my father. He is a holy man. He doesn’t get up and worry like you and I do about the things in our lives. He has full faith in his creator. There is no BS. He is good to the core. He has no ulterior motive. When you are with him and his presence, you can feel it. He really wants the best for you. It is very rare in today’s world and society to be around such people. I’m drawn to it. A love for people, a kindness.

And then there’s Hunter, who wants to be heard and given more leadership responsibility. You heads. How is your father-son dynamic going this season?

You’ll have to watch the show because I don’t know how it goes and what it looks like. I don’t know what he says. I know what I said and how I feel. But did I do a good job as a father? I do not know. This keeps me up at night. Was I a good father in this situation? I’m still replaying things from last summer in my head.

The feeling of why I could have done otherwise?

Yes. I failed my son or he was just an ass and he needs to listen to his father. We play the father-son relationship that is real in front of millions of people. Can you imagine? No wonder so many reality stars go crazy. You are literally putting your dirty laundry on the line. The question is, did we do it right? I do not know. But I’ll tell you right now. There is strange gold, fighting, grizzly bears and floods. It’s a mining clinic. There are a lot of weird things going on in this show. That’s why I think it’s going to be one of the biggest things on the network, if not the number one show.

How would you compare your childhood relationship with Jack to yours with Hunter?

I would never say the things my dad Hunter says to me. But I’m a different kind of father. My father grew up in the 1950s. In that era, they were hands-off. He said, “I had you. I helped bring you to this Earth. Now get out there and fly.” But I had him as an example. He was home every day and he was faithful. He took us to church and never cheated on my mother. He never abused us. It was always right. I had a very good example as a father. I hope I passed that on to my kids. But if you’re reading this, you’re not getting any parenting advice from Todd. R. Hoffman because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

What is it like to see your youngest son Hudson “Cub” enjoy more in the family business?

Cube is awesome. He is a little cooler. If you look at our whole family, who’s the guy that makes you smile around and it’s Cub. Cub is like that quiet funny guy. He is there supporting his brother. Not only am I dealing with Hunter, but “Cub” is riding shotgun with his brother.

What would you say the state of gold is today with the economy, inflation and everything else going on in the world?

This is my opinion. I don’t want people to make financial decisions based on what I say. My personal opinion is that we are bankrupt as a country and gold is going to go crazy. It will take off at some point because we will have runaway inflation. Now, in saying that, it scares people to think about it. I don’t want to think about it… What I can do is secure the land and prepare the gold mine because I personally think the gold is a fraction of what it should be worth. At some point, we will see 5 and 10,000 ounces. That being said, it means inflation is out of control. Does not look good. Let me say this. We need to be really smart to hear boys and girls and think about things more seriously.

Hoffman Family Gold season 2 premiere, June 16, 9/8c, Discovery Channel

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