June 15, 2023 Meet Written Episode Update: Meet learns the truth about Gunwanti

Meet Written Episode 15th June 2023 Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone is gearing up for the Factory Auction Meet. Meet arrives, feeling discouraged as she thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s dream of having a factory run entirely by women. Manmeet notices Meet absently walking.

Mahendra brings Gunwanti back home and continues to act as if she is in pain. Sarkar and Jasodha express their disappointment towards them. Mahendra claims that by law no one can ask them to leave the house. He pushes Sarkar’s wheelchair hard. Jasodha raises her hand to stop Mahendra but he stops her. Jasodha says Meet will give Mahendra a suitable answer.

Manmeet shouts at Meet but she keeps walking. Meet hugs Manmeet and breaks down. Manmeet encourages her, telling her that she cannot accept defeat and that they will work hard to regain control of the factory. Chanda arrives and advises Meet to reconsider her decision to sell the factory she worked so hard to build. Chanda hands over the factory papers to Meet. Factory Price Bidding Begins. Gunwanti looks at her photo but it suddenly stops so she puts it on charge. Thinking no one is watching her, Gunwanti quickly sneaks into the kitchen to eat the halwa. Mahendra is happy that people are bidding more for the factory. Meet God in prayer, asking him for guidance on how to stop the auction.

Meet returns home and puts the factory papers before God and prays for help to stop Manmeet’s dream from shattering. Suddenly the paper flies and lands on Gunwanti’s phone. Meet notices Gunwanti’s photo on the ward with no burn scars, realizing that Gunwanti was never burned and it was all just a charade. She decides that she must go and tell the truth to everyone. Meet the suspects that Shagun might be behind this and thinks she needs to inform Manmeet about the truth. However, Manmeet’s phone is switched off, making it impossible for Meet to contact him.

Manmeet worries why Meet is not back yet. Meet realizes that he must go to Anue and reveal the truth to stop the auction. However, as she leaves, she accidentally drops Gunwanti’s phone into a bucket of water, causing it to stop working. Meet panic, realizing he has to do something as he can’t let Shagun win. Shagun arrives at the factory bidding and taunts Manmeet saying that his wife couldn’t bear to see her dream shattered so she is not present. Shagun keeps taunting Manmeet but he manages to control his anger.

Meet takes a bowl of salt, thinking it’s time to sprinkle salt on Gunwanti’s wounds. Chanda asks Manmeet if there is no way to save Meet’s factory. Manmeet assures her that Meet will not lose and leaves somewhere. Meanwhile, Meet goes to Gunwanti’s room with salt, claiming it is a medicine to relieve burns. Gunwanti allows her to apply it and mentions that she feels better. Meet Gunwanti’s tricks to taste the salt by shocking her. Meet exposes Gunwanti’s lie and Gunwanti confesses that she played and plotted against Jasodha. Gunwanti thinks Meet won’t be able to prove it. The inspector arrives, hears everything and arrests Gunwanti.

Mahendra says I now have the highest bid of 61 million Euros if anyone would like to bid more. Manmeet and Meet rush and shouts stop this auction. Mahendra says you two are late your factory is already sold. Meet breaks down and falls to the ground.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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