June 17, 2023 Meet Written Episode Update: Mahendra tries to kill Meet.

Meet Written Episode 17th June 2023 Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahendra and Gunwanti disguise themselves as working ladies and discuss their plan to kill Meet and Manmeet in the Ahlawat mansion. Sumeet accidentally drops a vase as he overhears their conversation and quickly hides, realizing that he needs to inform Meet about this. Mahendra realizes that someone has heard them, but mistakenly speaks in his normal voice, forgetting his disguise. The servants become alert but Gunwanti saves the day. They meet Jasoda who questions their presence in the room and asks them to go to the kitchen and help the other ladies. Sumeet accidentally locks herself in the room and knocks desperately on the door but no one hears her due to the loud music.

Sumeet calls out to Jasoda, but she mistakes it as wind and leaves. Sumeet sits sadly in the room. Meanwhile, Manmeet is dancing during their sangeet ceremony and Meet is happily clapping, joining him in the dance. Sumeet struggles to reach the window hinge and sits on a sofa. Still unable to reach it, she places another vessel between them. Meet asks Raj about Sumeet’s whereabouts. Gunwanti tells Mahendra that Meet might ask about Sumeet as she is nowhere to be seen. Mahendra begins to suspect that Sumeet might have overheard their conversation.

Sumeet manages to open the window and jumps out. She runs and reaches the function. Manmeet sees her and calls her to join. Suddenly, the lights go out and Mahendra does something that makes Sumeet fall unconscious. She grumbles about Gunwanti and Mahendra to Meet and Manmeet, pointing at them. However, before Meet can reach them, Sarkar falls from his chair. Meet asks Jasoda to give Sumeet to her, but Jasoda suggests letting Sumeet sleep in Sarkar’s room as she might be tired.

Meet Mahendra wearing men’s shoes and question their presence. Gunwanti lies, claiming they are laborers who have come to help in the kitchen. Meet notices their suspicious behavior and pushes a waiter towards Mahendra, causing him to shout in his normal voice, shocking everyone. Hoshiyar and Masoom are surprised and confused by the situation. Meet reveals Gunwanti and Mahendra’s veils, leaving all the guests and family members shocked. Everyone starts gossiping about them. Mahendra shouts that Meet has pushed him to the limit and now he will suddenly take revenge.

Mahendra takes out a knife and tries to attack Meet, but Manmeet intervenes and stops him by holding his hand. Manmeet tells Mahendra that he has crossed all the limits of their relationship. Mahendra insists that they only have enmity and Manmeet starts beating him mercilessly. Meet urges them to stop fighting and orders Mahendra and Gunwanti to leave immediately. Manmeet realizes that he has to do something. Meanwhile, Sumeet, who is sleeping in Sarkar’s room, senses that something is wrong. Manmeet enters the room and tries not to disturb Sumeet but finds only pillows in her place. Sumeet was taken captive by someone and Gunwanti kidnapped Meet.

Gunwanti holds Sumeet captive and Sumeet cries for help. Meanwhile, Mahendra points a gun at Sarkar. Meet quickly picks up a gun and asks Mahendra to leave Sarkar alone. Sarkar, standing behind Meet, points at her and reveals that Mahendra and Gunwanti acted on his instructions. Meet begs Sarkar, asking him not to reveal this to Manmeet as it would destroy their relationship.

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