June 21, 2023 Faltu Written Episode Update: Shanaya asks to bring Faltu home

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The episode starts with Faltu hugging Ayaan and apologizing. He removes it and leaves. He says you went away from me, I can never forgive you, you did a big mistake. Savita comes there and asks you where you are going. He says don’t worry, I am not leaving the house, I am going to the guest room. She says please stop, don’t make up your mind in haste. Ayaan is walking. Faltu asks Savita to explain Ayaan. Tanu comes and sees Faltu crying. She asks you are you okay.

Ruhaan asks Shanaya are you fine. She asks where Faltu is. He says don’t worry, I will take revenge on her. She says no, its not her fault, she wanted to play for me, Ayaan is bad, she didn’t want me to spend time with Faltu, she is cute, we have to keep Faltu away from Ayaan, we can’t keep her with us . He asks what you say. She says I was afraid you will scold me, I wanted you and Faltu to join, Faltu can come here. Daima says that Faltu is married. Shanaya insists him and tells him to keep Ayaan away from Faltu. The doctor says her blood pressure is rising. He injects Shanaya. Shanaya says promise me you will get Faltu. The doctor says you should take Faltu. Ruhaan gets angry and walks out. He says I will see what Ayaan does in court, I will get them out of that house. Faltu remembers Ayaan and cries. Ruhaan calls her. She logs off. He says how dare she. Call back. She answers and says don’t call me again. He says don’t be stupid like Ayaan. She says I trust Ayaan, take care of Shanaya, see you in court. Tanu says mom, Ayaan didn’t ask Faltu about Ruhaan, I have to make this misunderstanding too big.

Ruhaan calls Tanu and says you know about Shanaya’s condition, I want Faltu to come here and be with Shanaya, you can talk to her and send her here, talk to Ayaan or anyone, it’s about Shanaya’s life . Tanu says I can do this for her, I will try my best. She ends the call and says Ruhaan wants me to convince Faltu and send her to his house. Kanika asks why Faltu will listen to you. Tanu says I was waiting for this chance. Ayaan remembers Faltu and cries. He says I will never forgive Faltu. He goes to his room. Faltu apologizes. He says if you want forgiveness then you have to leave cricket forever and just stay like my wife. She says I agree, you showed me this dream, you have right to snatch it, I promise I will never play cricket. He leaves. Tanu comes and says Ruhaan called me, he said Shanaya is critical, she wants to meet you. Faltu asked how this could happen, he didn’t tell me anything. Tanu says he called me just now, he said he will not leave our family. She asks Faltu to go meet Shanaya. Faltu says ok I will go but I will take Ayaan’s permission. Tanu says he is already angry, he will get angry. Faltu goes to tell Ayaan. She sees him sleeping and says what to do now. She leaves a note for Ayaan and thinks he will read it. Tanu looks and thinks I knew you will do this.

Kanika is arrested. Tanu asks Ayaan. Ayaan says Kanika will be punished for her crime. Tanu gets angry and says you all will pay for this.

Credit update to: Amena

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