Pandya Store 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Arushi puts Dhara in danger

Pandya Store 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the parents asking the man to bring their children. The man says the school authority has canceled the classes, you can take the children home. Children hear about alien terror. Chiku says I am going on a mission to find the alien, only the alien can help me, the alien will get a new mother for me. Shesh says don’t go, what if alien eats you. Mittu says I am not coming. Shesh and Mittu run away. Natasha asks Chiku not to go to new places. She says come home, everyone will be worried, Dhara is good, I am alive because of her, Shweta can buy things but can’t take care. Chiku says Shweta lets us have ice cream, you go with Shesh and Mittu, I will prove that aliens exist. He goes. She goes after him. Shesh and Mittu come home crying. Rishita asks what happened, how did you come so soon. Gautam asks why I am crying.

Shesh says Chiku and Natasha went to find alien, Chiku wants new mother and new clothes. Rishita shows the scary news. Gautam is acting on TV. They see the news about the alien threat. Shweta asks the boys to be quiet. Suman asks them to freshen them up and have food. Gautam and everyone go to see the kids. Arushi recalls seeing some men throwing the chemicals. She says Dhara, I will defeat you now, I found the end of your story. He is waiting for Dhara. Gautam says our children came there. Arushi calls them boys. Dhara comes there. Arushi smiles seeing her. Dhara says where Arushi called me. A man dresses up in lights to scare people. Arushi goes with him. Dhara shouted. She hears Natasha’s voice. Natasha asks Chiku to stop. Dhara says what are kids doing here. Gautam and everyone file a report and ask the inspector to find their children. The inspector says calm down, we can’t help you, send the pictures of the children, we will check. Rishita sends the pictures. Gautam says we will go to find them. Dhara looks for Chiku. Rishita says Natasha… They are worried. Suman says we are going, Prerna is pregnant, she is not coming. Gautam says I will go alone. Shiva says no, we will come. Gautam says I promise I will take the kids, I will go home. Malti sees people running. She asks what happened. The man tells about aliens spreading a deadly virus. He asks her to go home. The man says get down now, I’ll tell everyone it’s your plan, go. Arushi gets off the bike. Dhara comes there and calls Chiku. Arushi is hiding.

Dhara is dizzy. Malti calls Arushi and Dhara. Dhara grabs a mask and breathes. Arushi runs away. Rishita says Dhara became strict with Chiku, became rebellious and took Natasha too. Gautam says don’t say that, Dhara saved Chutki’s life. Shweta argues with Rishita. Shiva says stay in car, we have to find them. Chiku doesn’t listen to Natasha and runs away. The family is worried. The car stops. Gautam and Shiva check the car.

Gautam and Rishita search for Dhara and the missing children.

Credit update to: Amena

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