Junior Ghajini Ashish Maitree SS (RajMeet, Mukund-Renuka, Lakhan-Avni as Supporting Jodi) Part 5

Junior Ghajini Part 5

Ashish went to the restaurant. There he saw Maitree with Mukund.

Ashish was shocked.

Ashish: Is Maitree Mukund Kapoor’s daughter? God!

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish hid from them and called Maitree.

Maitree: Ashish…when are you reaching here? We are waiting.

Ashish: Sorry Maitree. I can’t come because I’m stuck in an important meeting.

Maitree got angry.

Maitree: That’s so sad.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish: Don’t worry Maitree. I will meet your father soon.

Maitree: Its ok Ashish.

Ashish: Ok bye Maitree. My meeting will resume after the break.

Maitree: Good bye.

Maitree said sadly to Mukund, Dad…he can’t come today because of a meeting.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish became boring.

Ashish: It’s fine. But tell him to meet me soon.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree: Yes, father.

Ashish told this to Rajkumar.

Raj was shocked.

Raj: What will you do now?

Ashish: Can you please meet Mukund Kapoor as Ashish, meaning me?

Rajkumar was shocked: What are you saying?

Ashish: Mukund Kapoor knows about my memory problem. So if he gets to know that I am Ashish, he will reject me in a second.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Raj: But later he will find out that I am not Ashish.

Ashish: I know. But before that I will try to win her heart. After that I will reveal to him that I am Ashish. But for now please pretend it’s me in front of Mukund Kapoor. Only then will he approve the relationship.

Raj: Manmeet will kill me if I do this.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish: Don’t tell Manmeet.

Raj: But I have not hidden anything from Manmeet till now.

Ashish: You won’t hide it from her forever…just for a few days. So you don’t have to be guilty.

Raj: However…

Ashish: Please… for your best friend.

Paradis: Okay.

Ashish smiled.

Mukund was sitting in the park. Saransh who came there was surprised.

Saransh: Hi uncle… how are you here? Do you come to this park often?

Mukund: Actually I came here to meet someone.

Saransh: Who?

Mukund: Maitree actually loves someone named Ashish. He said he would come here to meet me.

Saransh was shocked: Maitree loves someone.

Mukund: Yes.

Saransh: Uncle… I will stay here. Even I wish to meet Ashish.

Mukunda: Sure.

Rajkumar reached the park. He looked at Mukund’s photo and identified Mukund.

Raj approached Mukund: Hi uncle….

Mukund looks at him: You?

Raj: I am Ashish.

Mukunda smiled: Hi….

Rajkumar touched his feet and said, Please bless me uncle.

Mukund smiled blessing him: My blessings will always be there for you.

Rajkumar smiled.

Mukund: Nowadays, only a few boys respect their elders. You are one of them. I am impressed.

Rajkumar smiled. Saransh became jealous of him.

Mukund: What does your father do?

Raj: My father is a lawyer.

Suddenly, Rajkumar remembered that Ashish’s father is a businessman.

He immediately tried to correct her: My father is a businessman.

Saransh found her a fish.

Saransh: Is your father a lawyer or a businessman?

Mukund looks at Raj.

Raj thought, If I stick to one, they will doubt me.

Raj: I mean… my father is a lawyer but he is also a businessman.

Mukund smiled.

Saransh: How can your father manage both?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Raj: He’s smart enough to handle it.

Mukund: That’s cool. What does your mother do?

Raj: My mother is also a lawyer.

Suddenly, Raj remembered that Ashish’s mother is a business woman.

Raj: She is a businesswoman.

Saransh: Confusion again. Is your mother a lawyer or a businesswoman?

Raj became boring.

Raj: He also helps my father in business.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Mukund: It is so beautiful. I really liked you Ashish.

Rajkumar smiled, I liked you too uncle.

Mukund smiled.

Saransh whispered to Mukund, Uncle…he himself is not sure about his parents job. I think it’s a scam.

Just reject it uncle. Maitree deserves someone better.

Mukunda became boring.

Raj continued his drama.

Raj: You are such a nice uncle. I’m lucky to have a father-in-law like you.

That brought a smile to Mukund’s face.

Mukund: Maitree is right. You are very cute. You will be a good husband for Maitree.

Raj smiled. Saransh was irritated.

Summary: Uncle…

Mukund looked at Saransh and said, Ashish saved Maitree’s mother…once my wife Renuka. He is the best for Maitree.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Saransh has become boring.

Mukund: Nice to meet you Ashish. I have to go now. Bye! Bye Saransh.

Saransh and Raj: Bye uncle!

Ashish left.

Saransh looked at Rajkumar and said, Get out of Maitree’s life. Otherwise, I will not spare you. I am nothing less than a scoundrel. Maitree is mine.

Raj was stunned.

Raj and Ashish met.

Ashish: Did you meet Maitree’s father?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Raj: Yes. As you told me, I fell at his feet and sought his blessings. She liked me… I mean she really liked Ashish.

Ashish became very happy.

Raj: But there is a new problem.

Ashish: What is this?

Raj: A guy named Saransh loves Maitree. He told me to stay away from Maitree. Threatened me. He told me that Maitree belongs to him.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish: Maitree told me about this guy. Maitree rejected his proposal. I didn’t know he was obsessed with her. But I don’t care. Because Maitree loves only me. Her love is my strength. Then why should I worry about Saransh’s useless guy?

Rajkumar smiled.

Raj: What is your next plan?

Ashish told him about his next plan which shocked Rajkumar.

Rajkumar was getting tensed thinking about changing his identity before Mukund.

He thought: What should I do for my best friend Ashish?

Manmeet came near him.

Manmeet: Rajkumar… I noticed a change in you. Is everything alright?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Rajkumar thought, Should I tell the truth to Manmeet? No… you shouldn’t. I should be loyal to Ashish. It helped me a lot to win Manmeet’s heart. Now it’s my turn to help him get his love. Once everything is settled I will tell Manmeet.

Rajkumar replied without looking at her face as he was unable to lie looking at her face, Nothing baby..nothing.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Manmeet: Are you sure? I have a feeling you’re hiding something.

Raj thought, Manmeet understands me so well.

Raj: No…I’m not hiding anything. Why should I hide from you?

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Manmeet: Yes…right.

Rajkumar felt guilty and said in his mind, I’m sorry Manmeet. Please forgive me.

Manmeet: Will you help me in the kitchen?

Raj: Do you need to ask me that? I’m always up for it.

She smiled.

Rajkumar and Manmeet made noodles together in the kitchen romantically.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Rajkumar spooned noodles into her mouth and took noodles out of her mouth passionately with his teeth.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

He leaned into her face for a kiss.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

She pushed him and said, Finish your food Rajkumar.

Raj: How unromantic!

She laughed.

Ashish said to Maitree, My friend Raj wants a job. Can you please recommend it in your father’s company?

Maitree: Yes… why not?

Ashish: Thanks Maitree.

She smiled.

Ashish gave him a cover.

Ashish: My first gift to you. I hope you will wear this dress to our meeting.

Maitree smiled in surprise: Sure Ashish.

He smiled.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Maitree wore the dress Ashish gave her on the date. He was also wearing accessories. Ashish had lost himself in her beauty.

Ashish: Thanks for carrying this Maitree. You look very beautiful.

Maitree: This dress is very special for me Ashish as it is your first gift to me.

He smiled.

They both went to the beach. The beach was decorated. Maitree was surprised.

Maitree: You look so beautiful Ashish.

He smiled.

They both sat down and had dinner together.

They danced together romantically.

Maitree: Thank you for making our meeting so special Ashish.

He smiled, Anything for our love, Maitree.

She smiled.

junior ghajini ashish maitree ss (rajmeet

Ashish thought, This time I did not forget and made all the arrangements for our meeting. It is a miracle. Thanks God.

Maitree convinced Mukund to give Rajkumar a job and Mukund agreed.

Rajkumar went to Mukund’s office.

Mukund: Hey Ashish…come.

Raj: Uncle… Maitree told you about my friend. Not?

Mukund: Yes. Where is your friend?

Rajkumar turned. Ashish goes inside.

Mukund was shocked to see him.

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