Junooniyat 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyat 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode starts with Husna asking Jahaan why did you run away. The doctor checks Ilahi’s burn and treats it. Jordan says I’ll take care of her. Husna says Ilahi was very insulted, you did this. She scolds him and begs him never to call again. Jahaan cries and thinks of Ilahi. He sees the moon bracelet. Ilahi also thinks about him and cries. Kaisi rah pe… play… Jahaan says Ilahi is just Jordan’s stubbornness. Jordan cries and asks if Ilahi is going to be okay. Mahi says I thought you did this intentionally. He says yes i love her beat me mom. She says I am afraid of these things, stop. He says this fear will bring God close to me. She says forget it, think what you will tell her family. He says he will disown her family. She says fine, it should be in your control.

Mahi goes to Ilahi and says you can call me mother. Ilahi calls her mother. She says Amar would have been waiting. Amar is waiting for Ilahi. Biji says Ilahi will come, she would be eager to meet us, be patient. Mahi asks Ilahi not to go home else her family will misunderstand them. Jordan says I trust Ilahi’s decision, she will decide. Everyone goes. Ilahi says that no one will think of anything. Jordan says I can’t do Amar, I couldn’t protect you. She says Amar trust me, I will tell him it is an accident. He says this news may come out. He tries hard to convince her. He says I just want your happiness, call Amar and tell him you can’t come if you can avoid going there. Get Amar’s call. Amar smiles seeing her.

Ilahi says I can’t come today. Jordan smiles. Amar asks why, we have prepared to welcome you. She says I feel weak. He says I will get a doctor there. She says no, I will be fine if I rest, take care. Amar cries.

Ilahi also cries. Husna hears Biji and Ginni talking. He goes to Amar and asks him why Ilahi is not coming. Amar says I don’t know, she is hiding something. She says no, what did he say. Amar says she said she is feeling weak and tired, she can’t refuse knowing I am waiting for her. She worries and cries. Ilahi cries and says forgive me daddy ji.

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